Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hosea 1-3, 7-8, 12, Psalm 105:2-7, Matthew 10:1-7


Hosea 1-3, 7-8, 12, Psalm 105:2-7, Matthew 10:1-7

Hosea 1-3, 7-8, 12

My soul's beloved, it is always a tendency of human nature to forget God's goodness and mercy to us when we become fat on the good things that God in His loving providence has given us. We become proud and boastful and we begin to believe that these good things are rightfully ours, we have earned them through our own effort. The more we are given the more indifferent we become to the truth. 

Israel had to learn the hard way by being exiled, and everything they possessed taken away from them. They were unable to worship in the Temple for it was stripped bare and forgotten for there was no one to offer sacrifice to God.

If we are not careful my Lord, if we forget the Giver and revel in the gifts. If we become more complacent and take for granted that Your bounty will never cease as we continue the downward spiral to immorality we too will find ourselves exiled from our own country and we will be prevented from worshiping You even if we so desired. 

Let us take to heart what the prophet says so we will be saved:

 “Sow for yourselves justice,
reap the fruit of piety;
break up for yourselves a new field,
for it is time to seek the LORD,
till he come and rain down justice upon you.”

Psalm 105:2-7

My soul's beloved, to seek Your Face constantly, is to be always  present to You in prayer, supplication, intercession, thanksgiving, reparation, repentance, worship and adoration. Our whole live from our rising at dawn to our resting at the close of day must be filled with awareness of You. We must constantly lift our gaze to You and not get distracted by what is ephemeral no matter how pretty or tempting they appear. We are called to be faithful in our devotion to You never losing sight of the things of heaven.

We cannot have even one good, worthwhile thought without Your help and so we ask You to give us the necessary grace in order that we may praise You and offer You our undivided heart always. May we use every opportunity presented to us to speak of all the wonderful things You have done  for us.

Matthew 10:1-7

My soul's beloved, to the Apostles and their successors You have given all authority and power just as You promised You would. In the Sacraments that You have instituted the Church and her ministers continue Your saving work through the power of the Holy Spirit who dwells richly in her. You have given her the power to drive out unclean spirits and cure every disease and illness just as You did when You were on earth.  We have Your assurance that we will do everything that You have done and even greater things for You are with Your Father interceding for us night and day.

The mission of the Church and our own life's mission remains unchanged. To us too You say as You once said to them, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

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