Thursday, June 30, 2016

Amos 7:10-17, Psalm 19:8-11, Matthew 9:1-8


Amos 7:10-17, Psalm 19:8-11, Matthew 9:1-8 

Amos 7:10-17

My soul's beloved, Amos is a good example of an ordinary person being called by God to carry out His mission. Amos is bold. He speaks bluntly and is unafraid to prophecy against the king, the king's minister and the people who had strayed from the worship of the true God. He was prepared for insults and persecution but he did not allow the threats made against him to deter him from the task that God called him to do.

Grant my Lord that I, in my own small way spread Your Light and Your Truth each day. Help me  to be faithful in doing all You ask of me.

Psalm 19:8-11

 My soul's beloved, the law of the Lord is the law of love and this is why it is perfect. The Love of God floods the soul with divine life and grace. You are the Eternal Word of God this is why we can trust His Word - to believe in the Word of Light, Life, and Truth is to receive the Wisdom of God Most High. When we know You my Lord at least in as far as the finite can know and grasp infinity, then we are filled with a holy fear lest we do anything that will displease or offend the God who loves us so much He lay down His life for us so we may live. May we never dare to judge and condemn our brothers and sisters for You alone are the true judge appointed by the Father for Your judgement is wise and true, dripping with mercy an, compassion. It is better to be judged by You than by men.

Matthew 9:1-8 

 My soul's beloved, today You show us that You are pleased when we pray in faith for others and You will heed and answer. It was enough that the friends of the paralytic had faith in Your power to heal him. You looked at the man lying on his bed and You discerned that he needed to be forgiven of his sins which had crippled both his soul and his body. A crippled soul is far more devastating than crippled limbs. You first freed him in spirit but those around You were scandalized. They knew that only God had power to forgive sins and they sat in judgment and condemned You. Being God You were aware of their thoughts and challenged them with the words, "Which is easier to say: 'Your sins are forgiven' or 'Stand up and walk'? You then commanded the man to pick up his mat and go home and this is just what he did as the crowd gazed in amazement. You  proved to them that You were indeed God and had power over the spirit as well as the body.

The right response to power of God in the lives of our brothers and sisters must always be wonder, praise, thanksgiving, worship, and awe.

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