Saturday, May 14, 2016

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26, Psalm 113:1-8, John 15:9-17


Acts 1:15-17, 20-26, Psalm 113:1-8, John 15:9-17

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26

My soul’s beloved, today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Matthias. Not much is known about him  but we do know that he was Your choice. We see  St. Peter once again carrying out his role as the Rock. It is he who decides that it is necessary that their number be 12 and that another was to be selected to take the place of the one who betrayed You and then hanged himself. The only criteria that Peter laid out was that the one chosen had to be a man who had been with You from the beginning. Which means that he had to be with You from the time You started Your public ministry. Two men were chosen Matthias and Barsabbas or Justus as he was known. Both were qualified according to the rule laid down by  Peter so they cast lots after praying to You to show them the one You favored and Your choice was Matthias.

So this is all we know of him. He was with You from the beginning, the Apostles deemed him worthy of being chosen to fill the spot that was left vacant and that Your choice fell on him. He went on to carry out the mission that You entrusted to all the twelve.

Truly my soul’s beloved, all that is necessary is for us to seek Your will and to do it. Once You have called us then it is our duty to do all that You ask of us. Praise, accolades, fame all these are not important. If no one knows us but we are faithful then we have been like the good and faithful servant who is awake and at his post when the Master returns.   

Psalm 113:1-8

My soul’s beloved, there is none like You our Lord and our God. To You has been given all glory and power. You are enthroned at the right hand of the Father and as our Savior, Friend and Brother You stoop low in love and Your gaze is always on us. You see all and You lift up those who have no one to help them. You do not judge as men do. You look at the heart and You choose those whom perhaps the world would ignore because the world does not see them as You do.

Teach me true humility my Lord and let my joy come from discerning Your will and doing it quietly.

John 15:9-17

My soul’s beloved, it will do us well to remember that it was not we who chose You but it was You who graciously chose us. You chose me for a purpose just as You chose Your Apostles and then Matthias to be a part of the twelve. Later on You chose Saul who was to become Paul, the greatest missionary that ever lived.

Who could have known that one who hated the Church and its members as passionately as Saul did would be invited by You to become an Apostle to the Gentiles. Your choice also fell on Matthias to complete the number of the Apostles when You began Your ministry.

Having been chosen by You my soul’s beloved I am called to bear in mind that You love me as much as the Father as the loves You.  I am to remain in Your love always doing nothing that will separate me from You. I am called to keep the commandments and to remain in You, if I do, my joy will not only be complete but I will have joy despite any adverse circumstances that I may find myself in.  Thank You for counting me among Your friends. Thank You my soul’s beloved for holding nothing back but teaching me all that the Father has made known to You and granting me a share in in Your inheritance. You are my Lord and my God.

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