Monday, May 30, 2016

2Peter 1:2-7, Psalm 91:1-2, 14-16, Mark 12:1-12


2Peter 1:2-7, Psalm 91:1-2, 14-16, Mark 12:1-12

2Peter 1:2-7

My soul’s beloved, these few verses are filled with eternal truths. St. Peter begins with a blessing that we may be filled with grace and peace which flow from knowledge of God and of You who are our Lord. Your divine power working in us enables us to possess all we need to live a life of holiness. As we grow in our knowledge of You we learn of the awesome promises that are granted to us in and through You. As we claim these promises as ours through the Sacraments we share in Your divine nature and the attractions and attachments of the world begin to lose their hold on us. He urges us with single minded devotion to increase our faith by goodness which will then sent into motion a chain of events faith to goodness, from goodness to a hunger and thirst to know You, which will help us to exercise self control and moderation in all things which will in turn enable us to be steadfast and as we follow You more closely each day we will love everyone we meet and seek their good.

Psalm 91:1-2, 14-16

My soul’s beloved, I dwell in the shadow of the Living God, Your shadow encompasses me. You are my strength and my refuge. I cling to You for I recognize that should I lose my hold on You or should You let me go I will die. But You have rescued me from the pit of destruction, from the wiles and the traps set by the enemy to snare me. Your mighty protection guards me and keeps me safe from evil. I have Your assurance that when I call You will answer me. When I am in trouble You will stay by me. I in turn will honor You, worship and adore You and offer You thanksgiving and praise all my days. Thank You my soul’s beloved for Your promise to grant me eternal life once my journey here comes to an end through the power of Your saving work through Your incarnation, passion and glorious resurrection.

Mark 12:1-12

My soul’s beloved, when we speak the truth, when we point out evil, when we boldly tell the world that we reject the sinful culture and climate of moral depravity they propagate then we can be absolutely certain of the consequences. The powerful have their own wicked, immoral, personal agendas which they will safeguard with every tool available to them. They will crush anyone who stands in their way. This is what You say to the Pharisees in this parable and this parable is true even to this day.

We have been given the world. It is Your gift to us. When we sinned God did not reject us as justice demanded He should instead His prodigal love was prepared to send You into the world knowing that You would be rejected and slain, to redeem us. You showed us the way to the Kingdom of God and made it possible for us to get there. However, those who do not know You, those who are in love with the flesh and the world, seek to destroy Your living legacy and those who seek to keep it alive until the time of Your coming again in glory.

You have warned us that if they persecuted You and killed You we who follow You can expect no less. Keep us faithful my soul’s beloved for we know that You have already won the victory.

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