Friday, April 15, 2016

Acts 9:1-20, Psalm 117:1-2, John 6:52-59


Acts 9:1-20, Psalm 117:1-2, John 6:52-59
Acts 9:1-20
My soul’s beloved, Paul shows us how we each are called to witness to our faith. It is simple. We must speak of our own conversion. How You found us, made Yourself known to us, healed us and filled us with hope, joy and love. How You consoled us, wiped away our tears and comforted us. How You assured us that God has a perfect plan for us and while constant happiness in this world is not guaranteed  eternal joy most certainly is. 
Paul’s temporary physical blindness is symbolical of his spiritual blindness once he accepted the Truth his eyes were opened and he could truly see for the first time in his life. The past does not matter no matter how sinful we have been. In You my soul’s beloved there is always a new beginning the past is wiped clean. Thank you for the conversion of Saul to Paul one of the greatest apostles who once a sinner became a most powerful witness of faith in You leading men and women in every age to You and to the Truth just as Ananias did for him at Your behest.

Psalm 117:1-2
1 Alleluia!
Praise the Lord, all you nations;
all you peoples, praise him.
2 How great is his love for us!
His faithfulness lasts forever.

My soul’s beloved this is the shortest of the Psalms and yet is encapsulates everything. It opens with Alleluia and exhorts all people in every nation to praise God because of His great love for us. So great that He did not abandon us when we had separated ourselves through sin but instead put into effect His plan of salvation. He sent us a Savior and what a Savior! While we are feeble, weak, lukewarm and wavering in our faith lured by the flesh, the world and the devil You, my soul’s beloved remain faithful with a faithfulness that is eternal.

John 6:52-59
My soul’s beloved, right here, right now, in this very moment and through the years that Providence will grant me I already taste eternal life. The divine life given to me at baptism will not come to an end even though my body dies and will eventually be laid in the grave and will become dust I will live eternally with You. I am already nourished by eternal food which wells up to eternal life in me. 
Just as You have said and in the manner in which You instituted the Holy Eucharist, I eat Your Flesh and I drink Your Blood each time I receive You in Holy Communion and the life that You receive eternally from the Father is granted to me through You. I have this wonderful assurance that at the end of my days here on earth You will take me to be where You are and on the last day when You come in glory to raise the living and the dead, You will raise my mortal body as well and I will dwell with You my soul’s beloved eternally. I have a glorious destiny and it has already begun. Thank You.

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