Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Acts 14:19-28, Psalm 145:10-13, 21, John 14:27-31


Acts 14:19-28, Psalm 145:10-13, 21, John 14:27-31

Acts 14:19-28

My soul’s beloved, my Lord and my God, being a Christian is never easy for You Yourself have said if they persecuted You we can expect no less for the servant is not greater than the Master. Yet it is communion with one another and community that helps us to be strong and to grow in faith. We are called to pray individually and together as Your family. Paul suffered terribly for preaching and teaching the Good News but despite all he suffered there was the zeal of the Holy Spirit aflame in him and it urged him on. Paul endured all kinds of difficulties and hardships as he travelled wherever the Spirit of God led him. Always led by the Spirit he was able to win many souls for You.

I too called to the same mission of preaching the Gospel to the ends of he earth beginning from where I am right now. Forgive my puny efforts thus far and help me with a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit to accomplish all You have planned for me in this life.

Psalm 145:10-13, 21

My soul’s beloved, all You ask of me is to testify how good You have been to me from the moment of my conception to this day. I am called to speak of Your love, You faithfulness and Your tender compassion. I am called to radiate the love that is within me so others may receive the same hope that I possess. I must give You thanks always and recognize Your Presence in all the circumstances of my life. Give me a heart that sings constantly  of Your goodness so others too may come to believe and be saved.

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