Thursday, March 24, 2016

Making The Acquaintance of The Towel, the Pitcher and the Basin at the Washing of the Feet

Making The Acquaintance of :
The Towel, the Pitcher and the Basin at the Washing of the Feet

Tamir Towel:             Hi there my name is Tamir Towel, the master bought me yesterday for 20 shekels.  I overheard the master telling the shopkeeper Gabriel Ben Meshach that a celebration was planned for this evening in his home and he needed a towel of good quality.  Do you know what is happening?

Baruch Basin:            Hi I am Baruch and one of the oldest members of this home.  I came along with the mistress when she was newly married to the master and I know everything that goes on in this house but first let me introduce you to Penuel Pitcher who joined our household almost at the same time that I arrived.

Penuel Pitcher:         Hey there Tamir, happy to have you join our family.  Yes, this meal has been talked about for some time now.  Jesus of Nazareth has invited his disciples to dine with him and he made special mention of setting aside for his use a towel, a basin and a pitcher.

 Baruch Basin:     Yes, that’s true, the older towels Rachel, Sara and the others were most disappointed and jealous that they were not going to part of this mystery meal which is to take place this evening.

Tamir Towel:            I can hardly wait.  I am so excited.
Baruch Basin:          Hush! Stop talking! Someone is coming!


Tamir Towel:         Hey guys Baruch, Penuel are you awake? Can you hear me?  I know it is dawn and everyone has finally gone to sleep for a few hours. I cannot believe what we have just experienced tonight.

Baruch Basin:      I know what you mean.  I had heard so much about Jesus from the master but to actually see him in the flesh, to have him hold me in his hands and to actually witness what he has just done.  Wow! It was mind blowing.

Penuel Pitcher:   I could not agree with you more Baruch.  They call him the Messiah, the Son of Man, then Son of David and yet he is so humble.  He actually put on an apron and went down on his knees to wash their feet.  He was saying something about being teacher and Lord which he said was true and yet he said that servants are not greater than their master, nor are messengers greater than the one who sent them.

Tamir Towel:      Can you imagine our master washing anyone's feet? That's the work of slaves and yet Jesus whom they addressed as Lord, did it. I feel so honored that I was used by the Master and Teacher, Jesus.  I am sure that the master of our house will set me aside now because Jesus’ hands have touched me.  I feel different.  I feel so special.

Baruch Basin:     I believe you are right.  Our master has great respect and regard for Jesus. He too believes that he is the one that Scripture has spoken about and yes after tonight we are truly special because his hands have touched us.

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