Saturday, February 13, 2016

Isaiah 58:9b-14, Psalm 86:1-6, Luke 5:27-32


Isaiah 58:9b-14, Psalm 86:1-6, Luke 5:27-32

Isaiah 58:9b-14

This, my Beloved, is Your assurance to all who listen to Your Word and obey. We are invited to free those who are oppressed in any way, to refrain from falsely accusing anyone and to hold our tongues rather than speak with malice. We are called to feed the bread of love, compassion, mercy, and kindness to those who hunger for it. If we do You assure us that Your Light will shine in us for others. You will guide us and give us all we need even in the midst of dryness. You will renew us in the Sacraments and provide life giving streams to flow from us and we shall bud flower and bear fruit and the water will never run out. You will use us to build and restore that which has been lying in ruin.  This holy season of Lent, if we ensure with Your grace to keep it sacred, curb our natural instincts and use this time to steep ourselves in holy things and actions pleasing to You we will be blessed abundantly.

Psalm 86:1-6

I am Your servant my Beloved. I belong to You and without You, Your help and Your direction I am afraid I can do nothing that is pleasing to You. You know how weak I am, how easily I fall at the least temptation. I need constant direction and guidance my Lord as to how I can best serve You. I need to pick up the reins of my life and lead me where You desire me to go. 

Thank You for being kind, good, loving and forgiving. Thank You for hearing my prayers and answering me every time I called. Thank You for being my Lord, my Master, my Savior and above all my Friend who never fails.

Luke 5:27-32

My Beloved, I am exactly like the tax collector Levi. I was preoccupied with sinful pursuits and You took pity on me and said, “Follow me.” Had You not extended this invitation to me I would still be wallowing in sin. I needed You to look for me, find me and call me for I was blind and could not see You, deaf and could not hear Your voice, lame so I could not come to You and paralyzed by sin so I could not help myself even if I wanted to. 

Help me never to forget my past Lord so I do not despise those who are as I once was. You had pity on me and in Your great love and compassion You saved me, may I show the same tender mercy and compassion to those who need You but are unable to help themselves. Thank You for not hesitating to consort with sinners and eating and drinking with them. Thank You for not being afraid to walk into the dirt, filth and grime of our lives and picking us up, washing us, renewing us and strengthening us constantly with the grace that flows from the Sacraments. I love You thank You for loving me first.

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