Thursday, November 27, 2014

Revelations 18:1-2, 21-23, 19:1-3 & 9, Psalm 100:1-5, Luke 21:20-28


Revelations 18:1-2, 21-23, 19:1-3 & 9,  Psalm 100:1-5, 
Luke 21:20-28
Revelations 18:1-2, 21-23, 19:1-3 & 9

My Beloved, the world and all in it belongs to You attempts have been made through the ages to wrest from You what is Yours alone.  This is true of the powerful and the rich who use their wealth accumulated without conscience by any means available fair and foul and have used it to propagate evil rather than good.

We are created for God to love Him with our whole heart, mind, soul, body and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.  This is no longer true for we grow increasingly selfish and worship several gods rather than the one true God.  We are selfish and self-indulgent and discipline of any kind is anathema to us.  We have given ourselves over to the culture of death prevalent in the world and You warn us that a terrible judgement awaits those who continue to wallow in sin.  The lusts of the flesh will consume all that is good in us as we give ourselves over to the material world.

It is not too late my Lord and as long as we are alive it is never too late.  You have won the victory.  You are triumphant. The wicked will be punished but the faithful rejoice for we are invited to the Wedding of the Lamb.

Psalm 100:1-5

My Beloved, those who serve You must do so joyfully and generously not smugly and self-righteously. We must not get stuck in the rut of habit and custom.  We belong to You and all we do for each other is possible because we know that in loving and serving our brothers and sisters we love and serve You.

We have a future and a hope that compels us to sing songs of thanksgiving and praise.  Our life is in You, we are Yours now and eternally.  We live in the world but we are not of it we belong to God who is our Father and Provider and His love is everlasting.  It is no wonder that we are invited to rejoice always.

Luke 21:20-28

My Beloved, You foretold the fall of Jerusalem and the world as the Jews knew it then.  Rome went on a rampage and destroyed the Temple razing it to the ground just as You prophesied.  So will it be, Lord, if the world continues to give itself over to godlessness or to making idols and worshipping anything and everything but You.  The Good News has been preached to all the corners of the world and Your faithful continue to spread it even in very hostile environments.

The time will come when history must end and Your triumphant reign will begin.  You will gather to Yourself those who have remained faithful, the sheep of Your flock.  No matter how terrible the times we live in, You urge us to be strong and unafraid but to look with confidence and trust to You who will come to rule the world.


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