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Revelations 11:19, 12:1-6, 10, 1 Corinthians 15:20-27, Psalm 45:10-12-16, Luke 1:39-56



Revelations 11:19, 12:1-6, 10, 1 Corinthians 15:20-27, 
Psalm 45:10-12-16, Luke 1:39-56

Revelations 11:19, 12:1-6,

My Beloved,every Church has a sanctuary, it is the Holy of Holies because You dwell in the tabernacle Body, Soul and Divinity and we approach this holy ground to worship and adore You.

The Word of God in Sacred Scripture reveals that the Arc of the Covenant is in the highest heavens the seventh heaven.  The Arc of the Covenant is none other than Mary, the Virgin Mother of God in whose womb the Word of God reposed.  Now robed in splendor and arrayed in glory and majesty is the Woman who stands on the moon crowned with 12 stars.  Mother of God and Mother of Your Church entrusted to her by You as she stood grieving at the foot of the Cross. 

You rose from the tomb in glory to reign in heaven as Lord leaving Your Mother behind in this valley of tears and when her natural life on earth came to an end, You came for her my Beloved and carried her body and soul into heaven according her the first fruits of Your redemption. She now reigns with You at Your right hand for it is through her that salvation came into the world and God's anointed was born of her.  Her 'fiat' made it possible for God to establish His Kingdom on earth casting out Satan t and rendering his accusations against us inconsequential. You  paid the price of our redemption and our inheritance is restored because her whole life was, 'Yes' in perfect obedience the will of God. 

1 Corinthians 15:20-27

My Beloved, You are the reason for our hope in this life which will be rewarded in heaven by the beatific vision.

You died and rose again and all who die will rise again when You come to claim the world You redeemed with Your Blood, Your life - the price of our salvation.  Mama Mary died too at the end of her life on earth but being sinless and full of grace through Your merits she was also the first to receive the fruits of Your redemption by being taken up body and soul into heaven. She now stands at Your right hand in the Presence of the Father and her Spouse the glorious Holy Spirit.

We long for the day of Your coming my Lord when all will be subject to Your dominion and Your rule and together with You we will be united with the Father and the Holy Spirit eternally.  What a glorious day that will be Lord!  We long for the day of Your coming.

Psalm 45:10-12-16

Mary, our Mother and our Queen,fair daughter of the Father and spouse of the Holy Spirit You are greatly revered on earth as in heaven.  Resplendent in beauty, arrayed in the beauty of every virtue, Mediatrix of all grace for it delights Your Son to channel His graces directly from His Sacred Heart through your immaculate heart and hands to us who are your children.

The King has placed you at His right hand to share in all that is His.  Mary our Mama, we love you, pray for your children who are still in exile in this valley of tears and who have recourse to your.

Luke 1:39-56

"How is it that the mother of the Lord comes to me?" Our mama, like her Son, delights to be among the children of men.  When she comes she brings joy, she brings Jesus and she bestows on us her favors - favors which are generously granted to her for He delights in heaping upon her grace upon grace to dispose of as she wills.

From the moment of God's extraordinary invitation to her to collaborate  with Him in His divine plan of salvation and her fiat to His will, she set out in haste to be of service to her kinswoman who was in need of her.  She does not come alone; when we cry out to her for help she brings Jesus, her Son  with her and ministers to us.

The Magnificat is a hymn of perfect praise to God in which Mary our Mother recognizes that it it is the Lord who singled chose her and conferred on her the privilege of becoming the Mother of His Son through the power of the Holy Spirit.  God waited for her to choose in perfect freedom to say, "Yes," or "No" and when she yielded in perfect submission to His will, heaven stopped low over earth and encompassed it, saved it and redeemed it.  Thank you Ma!

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