Sunday, August 3, 2014

Isaiah 55:1-3, Romans 8:35, 37-39, Psalm 145:8-9, 15-18, Matthew 14-13-21


Isaiah 55:1-3, Romans 8:35, 37-39, Psalm 145:8-9, 15-18, Matthew 14-13-21

Isaiah 55:1-3

My Beloved, You invite everyone to come and feast at Your banquet of love.  It is free because the food and drink are priceless, we do not have the means to pay, besides it has already been paid for on the Cross by You as the Victim, the Altar and the Priest offering the Sacrifice of Your life for our redemption. 

So many of us struggle from sunrise to sunset and we are weary - to these You say that they will never be satisfied unless they come to You, listen to You and partake of the meal You have spread before us.  We all crave life and You offer eternal life with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit by drawing us into an everlasting Covenant of love and friendship with God Himself.

Romans 8:35, 37-39

Nothing my Beloved, save grave sin that kills the soul if not confessed and forgiven, can ever separate us from the love of God we experience in and through You.  From the beginning of Christianity, through the ages, to the present times and until You come again, there will always be Your faithful who know beyond the shadow of a doubt and are prepared to lay down their lives believing this eternal and amazing truth, that those who have feasted on the sweetness of Your love will be never separated from the love that we have received in You.  Nothing on earth or in heaven is comparable to the joy of knowing You, loving You, serving You and the assurance of spending eternity united in love with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 145:8-9, 15-18

My Beloved, truly we live in a valley of tears where the weak are overpowered by the strong, where the rich lord it over the poor, where evil reigns, where violence is used to crush freedom, where war, death and strife are rampant.

Thank You for entering this miserable world of ours where sin has tarnished all that God created as good.  We have hope because of You.  Sin and death do not have the last word.  We have You and all we need do is call Your Name and You will make haste to help us.  Victory is ours because You won it for us.  You have revealed Yourself as compassionate, gracious, loving and kind.  All those who look to You for help will not be disappointed.  You feed all with the finest wheat and the sweetest wine and we are all satisfied.  You are the just and righteous judge and although evil runs wild, the victory is won by You and in the end we know that we will triumph through You.

Matthew 14-13-21

My Beloved, in our  own lives we seek time for ourselves away from the constant demands made on us.  You too escaped so You could be alone with Your Father.  These were treasured moments.  But there were times when people having discovered where You were had no qualms about disturbing You. They were in need, sick in body, mind and spirit and they sought You out for healing.  You, ever compassionate, sent no one away for You saw their need, understood their pain.  You were their only hope just as You are ours.

In today's Gospel passage we see how You met the need of the crowd and fed both their spiritual and physical hunger.

You challenged the disciples to feed the crowd of over 5000 with what they had.  They saw their meager resources - they had just 5 loaves and two fish and they were discouraged instead of coming to You in faith with what they had and looking to You expectantly to do the impossible.  We too are called to bring our poverty to You and You will satisfy us out of the abundance of Your goodness.

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