Monday, August 11, 2014

Ezekiel 1:2-5, 24-28, Psalm 148:1-2, 11-14, Matthew 17:22-27



Ezekiel 1:2-5, 24-28, Psalm 148:1-2, 11-14, Matthew 17:22-27
Ezekiel 1:2-5, 24-28

My Beloved, it was always the will of the Father that every created thing should have its origin and its existence in You.  From all eternity You are.  The infinite love and glory of the invisible God is made visible to us through You.  Once clothed in unapproachable light as fire You are now clothed in humanity - Son of God and Son of Man.  You are the Word of God - the only Word and it has pleased the Father to have the fullness of Himself and His love and power available to us through You. 

Psalm 148:1-2, 11-14

My Beloved, it has pleased the Father that all mankind be saved by You and having been saved they exalt You, honor You and offer You unending praise and thanksgiving for all You have accomplished for us through Your incarnation, passion death and glorious resurrection and ascension into heaven.

Your Name is exalted not only on earth but in the highest heavens as well and the more we honor and glorify You the greater the honor and praise we render to the Father for in praising You we praise Him who conceived such a glorious, inconceivable and unfathomable plan to redeem us from the jaws of sin and death through the power of the most Holy Spirit because God is our Abba and His Nature is Love. 

Matthew 17:22-27

My Beloved, the reason the authorities denied You then is the same reason the world denies You now.  God sent You into the world to redeem and save us, to walk among us and to make known to us His great love for us.  God makes Himself vulnerable and open to rejection because of the awesome gift of free will that He desires us to have. We can either accept His love or reject it, in choosing the latter we bring condemnation upon ourselves just as Your own rejected You and brought condemnation upon themselves.

One with Peter and the Church You established with him as its head, You demonstrated to him once again Your authority and dominion over all creation.  The temple, the Church, the house of God is also the dwelling place of all who believe in You and so all that belongs to You belongs to us as well, for we are citizens of the Kingdom.  But we are also required to give deference and to obey all legitimate authority.  Peter the chief of the fishermen catches a fish upon Your instructions and with the money that was in its mouth there was enough to pay the required temple tax for both You and him.  With Peter the Rock who is head of the Church that You established, we can be certain of reaching our final destination which is heaven for God our Father will always make provision for His children.

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