Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jeremiah 7:1-22, Psalm 84:3-6, 8 & 11, Matthew 13:24-30



Jeremiah 7:1-22, Psalm 84:3-6, 8 & 11, Matthew 13:24-30

Jeremiah 7:1-22

My Beloved, these verses are just as applicable today as when the prophet first spoke them to the people of God so many centuries ago.  Your House is holy, it is the place where You dwell because You desire to make Your home with us.  Sinners mistakenly believe that they can sin with impunity, deny the truth, celebrate and promote lies, defile Your Name and sneer at Your teachings in the public square and then the come into Your House to worship they believe that it is perfectly legitimate to go through life with a loose moral compass.  This is the current situation among nations with a Christian heritage and nations who count among its citizens many who are members of Your Mystical Body, the Church.

Strangers are abused, orphans and widows are robbed of their rights and their inheritance, innocent blood is spilled in the holocaust of abortion and the false gods of money, fame, and power have taken central place in the lives of many too numerous to count.  Words are used cleverly to deceive, lies are couched in innocent sounding phrases, the innocence of children is stolen, there is no sanctity in marriage, infidelity is rampant and the spouse of another is tempted and drawn into defiling their vows.   They swear brazenly  on oath to outright lies. They walk the highest corridors of power with blood stained hands, blackened hearts, decaying souls and have the gall to call themselves Christians and even Catholics.

The day is coming when You, our righteous Judge, will purge the Holy Place of all who have dared to desecrate it.

Psalm 84:3-6, 8 & 11

My Beloved, Your Church, the place where You dwell among Your faithful makes heaven present.  More than a physical structure it is the human heart which is Your preferred temple. You make Your home in our body and establish Your reign and Kingship over us. This is bliss.  To know that God is always present each time we cry, "Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and each time You respond, "I am here."

All are welcome.  Your invitation is extended to all who hear and accept Your call to belong to the family of God.  We worship You as a Body from the greatest to the least.  All can nest in You and are protected, fed and nurtured by You.  It is better live just one day nestled close to Your heart than to live a thousand elsewhere.

Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness.

Matthew 13:24-30

My Beloved, the faithful need not be anxious because the faithless flourish and prosper.  It is wrong to expect You to show us tender mercy  but wish stern justice to our enemies, this is not Your way.  To all under the heavens You grant sunshine and rain, all are invited to eat and drink of the one Bread and drink from the one Cup.  Salvation is granted to all.  There will come a time of reckoning when the choices we have made freely will determine whether we will be gathered into Your barns or be bundled up and thrown into the fire where the flames never go out.

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