Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Isaiah 7:1-9, Psalm 48:2-8, Matthew 11:20-24


Isaiah 7:1-9, Psalm 48:2-8, Matthew 11:20-24

Isaiah 7:1-9

Many are the plans of the wicked against the just but the Lord our God will deliver His own from the hands of the enemy, from all who plot evil.  We can trust You my Beloved in all the difficult circumstances of our life and when our hearts tremble like the heart of the king in these verses, You assure us to stay calm and not lose courage for You will not permit any plan wrought against Your own to succeed.  We have Your assurance that if we stand firm in faith, we will be invincible if however, we fail to place our hope and trust in You and Your promises, we will fall and fail before the enemy because we allowed our fears to overpower our faith.

Psalm 48:2-8

My Beloved, You live on Your Holy Mountain.  You dwell in the Holy Place and all who come to You to offer praise and worship approach You with joy and thanksgiving in their hearts. They have Your assurance that You will always remain with Your people, Your Church and the enemy will never prevail against her for You our her God, her sure fortress, her defense and her deliverer.  Evil will never be able to storm her citadel for she is claimed by God as Your Bride forever.

Matthew 11:20-24

My Beloved, while it is true that You are a great God full of compassion, mercy and tender love, You are also stern in Your just judgments.  Once we have heard the Good News of our salvation, once we have witnessed the power of Your saving love and the miraculous signs and wonders yet refuse to change our lives, You warn us that as great as Your mercy is so also will be Your wrath for we refused to believe the time Your visitation when salvation was upon us.  If we would rather wallow in our sinful habits despite being aware of the truth, we condemn ourselves to hell fire and eternal damnation.

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