Thursday, April 24, 2014

Acts 3:11-26, Psalm 8:2a, b 5-9, Luke 24:35-48


Acts 3:11-26, Psalm 8:2a, b 5-9, Luke 24:35-48

Acts 3:11-26

My Beloved, the Father has glorified You and has handed to You all power.  All glory is Yours and all that lives rightly gives You praise, honor and worship.  Your Name is higher than any other.  At Your Name demons tremble, heaven rejoices and every knee in heaven and on earth bend and every tongue professes to the glory of God the marvels He has accomplished for u,s through Your humble and willing submission in perfect obedience to the Cross.  

We are saved through Your Name. We live because You died.  Our sins are forgiven if we repent because You atoned for hem.  We are counted among the living because You vanquished death.  ALLELUIA!!!

Psalm 8:2a, b & 5-9

Great is Your Name Beloved, all power all glory and all honor belong to You whom God has raised high above all others.  All that is created and all that lives is subject to You - kings, thrones, princes, kingdoms and principalities bow down and submit to Your Lordship.  At Your Name demons tremble for the power of Your Name renders evil impotent and death loses its power to sting.  Your Name calls forth life, healing and wholeness and in the power of Your Name sinners find forgiveness, mercy and new life.

Luke 24:35-48

My Beloved, I am called to be a witness to all that God has accomplished through You.  Scripture has spoken plainly of Your beginning with the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.  Ever since our first parents sinned God promised us a Savior who would restore all things as God intended it to be when He first created nature and man.  In fulfilling the Old Testament promises You shine Your light and make visible the plan of God from the beginning.

My Beloved, we encounter You each day in the breaking of bread at the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  You give us Your own peace so even when turmoil rages around us, we rest in Your glorious peace.  When the world becomes too much for us all we need to do is look at Your hands, feet and side an all fear will vanish.  Your wounds are a sign of victory and proof of God's unending love for us.

I have a mission Beloved, send Your Holy Spirit afresh on me so I can labor faithfully in Your vineyard.

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