Monday, March 17, 2014

Daniel 9:4b-10, Psalm 79:8-9, 13 & 13, Luke 6:36:38


Daniel 9:4b-10, Psalm 79:8-9, 13 & 13, Luke 6:36:38

 Daniel 9:4b-10

My Beloved, if You punish us for our transgressions, our disobedience, our lack of love for You and our neighbor, it is only because You wish to bring us to repentance and contrition.  You love us even when we turn away from You in sin.  You long for the sinner's return and we know that heaven rejoices even when one sinner is restored to his place ni God's family.

Forgive me O Lord for the times I have sinned and deliberately walked away from Your love.  Grant me Your grace not only to desire to be all You want me to be but to will by my citations.  

Thank You.

Psalm 79:8-9, 13 & 13

Beloved, do not let the sins of those who have gone before us be remembered against us.  In Your mercy forgive us for we have placed all our hope and trust in Your, our Savior and Lord.

My Beloved, sin has destroyed us and made us sick and weak in our heart, mind, soul and spirit.  Make haste Beloved and heal us lest we die. Set us free from the bondage of our sins so we may sing Your praises all our days.

Luke 6:36:38

 My Beloved, only in the measure that I am merciful and forgiving will I in turn be shown mercy and forgiveness.  Your words are clear.  How often I have occupied Your place on the throne of Mercy and judged harshly, uncharitably and without compassion yet You have been unfailingly merciful, tender and gentle in judging me.  Forgive me Lord and help me to leave all judgment to You who are the righteous Judge of all.  Help me to be generous as You are generous and You will reward me as only You my God of love can for you cannot be outdone in generosity.

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