Monday, February 24, 2014

JAMES 3:13-18, PSALM 8-10, 15, MARK 9:14-29


JAMES 3:13-18, PSALM 8-10, 15, MARK 9:14-29

JAMES 3:13-18

My Beloved, help me to truly understand these verses and live my life accordingly.  If I believe that I am wise and learned then my life must reflect all that I believe to be right, true, good, noble and beautiful.  

Humility in all things is the hallmark of all who walk in Your ways.  

My thought must always be pure, free from malice, merciful and gentle.  I must be understanding and open to advice.  I must be compassionate and actively involved in doing good.  I am called to be impartial and a peace maker only then can I reap a harvest of virtue.

PSALM 8-10 & 15

My Beloved, Your law of love is life giving and perfect, Your world is wise and true and we can walk in to without fear.  If I live my life governed by Your will and commandments I am assured of joy and good judgement in all I do.

Scripture tell me that fear the Lord who is all good and all love is the beginning of wisdom.  I must be in awe of Him who is perfect in every way and who sustains all by His Word and His power.  Help me Lord!  Enlighten my mind and govern my thoughts and give me a right understanding according to Your Word.

MARK 9:14-29

My Beloved, I am ineffective as a disciple and Your follower the reason is clear - I am not praying enough.  If I am not in constant union with You, if I am not linked with You despite being occupied with the daily business of life then sin and selfishness become insurmountable barriers and I become powerless.  It is only when I am in You and with You even though I am weak, I am strong.

You want people to discover You individually, each must have a personal revelation.  This is possible only when like the father of the poor boy possessed by a demon, we too plead, :If You can do anything have pity and help me."  And You will unfailingly respond, "Why do you say 'if' just believe for anything is possible for those who believe."  My Beloved, I do believe but help the little, puny, flickering, faith with which I do.

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