Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19-20, Psalm 40:2, 7-10, Mark 1:29-39


1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19-20, Psalm 40:2, 7-10, Mark 1:29-39

1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19-20

May I like Samuel stay close to You my Beloved.  Awake or asleep may I remain by You.  May I be attuned to the sound of Your voice and each time You call me, may my response like Samuel's be, "I am here."  May I desire to hear all You have to say to me attentively.  

Through the years that are granted to me before You call me home, stay by me and grant that I too remain by You.  

Just as the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel by giving him His word, so too has God revealed Himself to me through His Eternal Word.
Psalm 40:2, 7-10

May my attitude be like that of the Psalmist in verse 2, 

With resolve I waited for the Lord; he listened and heard me beg.

You always hear the prayers of Your faithful and I know that You hear my prayers as well.  What pleases You is a heart attuned to Your voice and a will ready to yield to Yours.  Your law, my Beloved, is the law of love, may I delight in obeying it gladly for this law is written on my heart.  Grant me the grace to witness gladly and openly to all that You have so graciously and lovingly done for me.

Mark 1:29-39

These verses are a snapshot of a typical day in Your life when You walked among Your people and should be a typical day in the life of Your disciples and followers, in short every Christian's life.  After You left the synagogue You did not go off for some downtime on Your own, rather You went to the home of Peter in the company of the other disciples.  On entering Peter's home and discovering that his mother-in-law was sick, they had the good sense to bring their concern to You knowing that You would not be indifferent to her need.  They were right.  You reached out and took the woman by her hand and instantly Your power, strength and health poured into her and infused her body with it.  Immediately all that ailed her vanished.  Her response must be ours as well. Once we have encountered You, are touched by You, we must get up at once and minister and serve You who are present in those around us.

Your concern was not limited to those closest to You but reached out to all who came to You and each received healing.

At the end of a physically and emotionally exhausting day it would have been understandable if You sought rest for Your body instead You woke up before the sun and went away from the crowds to pray.  This is a reminder to us that without God we can do nothing.  We need You as much as we need air to breathe, food to eat and water to drink.  We must not linger after we have served in order to receive praise and thanks for what we have done, rather, we have to move on and continue reaching out touching others too that they may also encounter You through us.

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