Thursday, November 7, 2013

Romans 14:7-12, Psalm 27:1, 4 13-14, Luke 15:1-10


Romans 14:7-12, Psalm 27:1, 4 13-14, Luke 15:1-10

Romans 14:7-12

_____ my own, in life or in death you are Mine.  Remember, mortal breath lasts but a moment and while it lasts you are often called to bear physical, mental or spiritual suffering.  Can you not bear the cross in love and walk a mile with Me to Calvary? Can you not carry your burden as I carry Mine and keep me company? When in agony, can you not keep vigil in My own agony in Gethsemane, there where I sweat blood?  It will be only for a while.  

I have conquered and destroyed death but there are too many who are indifferent to the price that was demanded and which was paid in perfect love so that all men shall live.  Die with Me and in Me you shall live again eternally.

Life on earth must give way to death, but through its door, you _______, my very own, shall enter in eternal union with Me.  Love is the key to everything and love alone makes all worthwhile for love alone prevails.  Love stooped from heaven to die so you my may live with Me whose Name has always been and ever will be Love Incarnate.

Psalm 27:1, 4 13-14

You my Beloved, are my Light, my Salvation, my Stronghold, my Deliverer.  What need I fear whom Love upholds me when I am awake and even while I sleep.  In life or death my Lord, I know that I belong to You alone.  My only prayer has ever been to dwell in You and that You dwell in me.  You have made my heart Your home and You take pleasure in the abode You make in me.  When for a while You stoop to enter through the open door into my heart, when I receive You, God's priceless Jewel in the Sacrament of Love, my hope is sure for it rests in You my Lord.  You make me strong, Your put to rest all fear, in life Beloved and in death, You have claimed me for Yourself and I need never fear.
Luke 15:1-10

My Beloved, there is nothing more satisfying or joyous than when those who've wandered  far from Love and Truth come home.  They walked for many years in ways where wisdom long had raised her voice in soft rebuke but was never heard.  We are called to pray and fast for those we love until the day grace penetrates and breaks every barrier and love finds a way into the soul and draws him or her back into the shelter of the fold.

Hear my prayer for all I love Beloved and grant that these Your sheep be found and returned to the Shepherd's Fold, the coin long lost restored to God treasury. 

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