Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Exodus 34:29-33, Psalm 99:5-7, 9, Matthew 13:44-46



Exodus 34:29-33, Psalm 99:5-7, 9, Matthew 13:44-46

Exodus 34:29-33

My Beloved, every time a Catholic receives You worthily in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist we ought to positively glow with a radiance far great than the radiance on the face and skin of Moses.

We have after all not just seen the Lord but we have received Him into our very bodies.  People we encounter ought to be blinded by the divine light emanating from us and they should in awe of what God has made possible.  As if the incarnation was not enough when the Son of God became Man, as if You Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection were not enough, the Father goes so much further in desiring to offer You to us as Food and Drink.

We are creatures we need to see, touch and taste, together with faith which is also the Father's gift to us it is possible to truly be in heaven here on earth for a while in this most wonderful of Sacraments.

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Psalm 99:5-7, 9

Grant my Beloved that with every breath I breathe here on earth I will praise You, adore You and glorify You for You are holy, glorious, mighty and worthy. Through the ages all those who have called out to You have been heard and answered and You continue to make Yourself present and available to us.  Attentive to our cry, You always hear and answer. 

Your Word is my command.  I yield to it in obedience and joyful submission knowing that in this is my life, my joy, my peace.  May Your Word rule my life always.  

Matthew 13:44-46

My Beloved, through the ages we have seen many men and women who gave up everything to follow You.  Family, friends, wealth, position it was all meaningless once they encountered You.  They believed that nothing was more desirable than giving up anything, anyone and everything that would hinder them from a total commitment to You.  To them the world was well lost in order to have this Great Treasure, the Pearl of Great Price.

Give me that kind of desire for You Lord.  I still cling to the world, its trinkets, its fancy baubles, its playthings and empty pastimes.  Free me Lord from people and things that have become attachments I cling to and which keep me from loving You with the generous, wholehearted abandon, passionate love that I desire to give You.

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