Thursday, July 25, 2013

2 Corinthians 4:7-15, Psalm 126:1-6, Matthew 20:-20-28


2 Corinthians 4:7-15, Psalm 126:1-6, Matthew 20:-20-28

2 Corinthians 4:7-15

My Beloved, today the Church celebrates the feast of St. James, Apostle and martyr.  In fact he was the first of the apostles to lay down his life for You and for the Gospel.  Faith in You impels and compels us to speak about You and witness to You by our lives.  Death of the body holds no fear for one who is a disciple but the death of the soul does and this is why there must be a burning desire in those who believe to do all that is in their power through grace to ensure that not one of God's little ones are lost.  Too great a price was paid for our redemption.  God became Man to lay down His life for us sinners.

He makes His home in us, we carry within us poor, sinful, weak creatures the Pearl of great Price and all is well lost in order to have and to hold You all our days on earth and forever in heaven.

Psalm 126:1-6

Beloved, every true disciple on fire with love for You and burning with zeal to preach the Good News to the world must have our mouths filled with laughter and our tongues singing songs of great joy because of what You have done for us.  No human mind could conceive it, no one could execute it but God alone. The Father conceived it,Perfect Love executed it and Perfect Obedience and Humility yielded to to it.  

Truly the Lord has done great things for us and we are exultant with joy.  You pour streams of living water over us.  We live in the valley of tears and we sow the Seeds of Life despite the dangers and persecution we may face; but the reward is eternal for You are our reward my Beloved.

Matthew 20:-20-28

My Beloved, every mother wants the best for their children and the mother of James and John was no different.  She came to You, knelt before You, our God, and made her prayer to You.  Every mother's prayer for her children ought to be the same as hers, "to grant that their children may sit with You on Your right and on Your left in the Kingdom."

Rightly, you reminded her of the price that is involved. We must be prepared to walk the way of the Cross that leads to the death of the flesh and the world and to give a fearless witness to the Good News despite the dangers. If we are, then our reward will indeed be great.  We must seek to live the beatitudes and make them our way of life.  We must be ready and willing to do all that God desires us to do even to laying down our lives and to yield to His will joyfully in all things, then indeed every good mother's prayer will be answered when every son and daughter will behold the vision of Your Face in eternity.

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