Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Acts 20:28-38, Psalm 68:29-31 33-36, John 17:11b-19

 Acts 20:28-38, Psalm 68:29-31 33-36, John 17:11b-19

Acts 20:28-38

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church my Beloved, is Your Church, she is Your Body, She is Your Bride.  You have paid the price for her in Your own precious Blood, redeeming her from death, the flesh and the Satan.  She is free from the slavery of the night and she walks in the freedom of the sons and daughters of the most high God, Your Father and ours.  We are His adopted children - our dignity comes from You who are the Head and Your merits flow from You into her giving her grace, beauty and light.  She is formed by Your Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge. The Holy Spirit makes His dwelling place in her and You have entrusted her to Your Vicar on earth, the successor to St. Peter and to shepherds chosen by You to serve her.  

Some may fail as we have seen in the past.  Some may divide Your Body and lead many astray from the Truth - there have been wolves in sheep's clothing and they have twisted the Truth and spread lies and taken many of the weak and the ignorant with them. But there are also many wonderful good shepherds and they will keep Your flock faithful as they lead them to good pasture and streams of living water.

A generous heart and a kind and gentle spirit belongs to those who know You and love You.  We must not be ashamed to love and demonstrate that love to those who serve us selflessly day and night as they minister to Your people.

Bless them Lord!!!

Psalm 68:29-31 33-36

My Lord and my God - You protect those who love You with power and might.  They shelter in Your wings and trust in Your strength. You destroy their enemies and crush those who seek to devour them. Even those who were once Your enemies and who fought against You will stream into Your Temple bringing gifts. They will acknowledge Your greatness and proclaim Your Lordship. 

You have crushed the enemy and they flee from You and Your people.  You are an awesome God and we receive power and strength from the Sacraments.  Blessed be the Lord our God now and forevermore!!!

John 17:11b-19

Your Father my Beloved will honor Your prayer for unity. We will be one as You and the Father are One.

We are kept safe in Your powerful Name - the Name above all others.  
You have left Your Words with us - Words of Truth, Beauty and Wisdom handed down by the Apostles and entrusted to the Church. She guards this deposit of our faith with her life.  She preserves it in its entirety and will do so faithfully until You come again.

Your Word is our strength, our power, our food, our joy but it is hated by Your enemies.  They will try to destroy those who preserve it and proclaim it with power in its fullness.

We who belong to You are in the world but not of it.  We are consecrated to the Truth of Your Word.  You came into the world to bring us the Word of the Father.  You consecrated the Father's Word on the Cross and  made a perfect offering to Him - it is through this Sacrifice we are saved as we call upon Your Name.

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