Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 John 3:11-21, Psalm 100 1b-5, John 1:43-51


1 John 3:11-21, Psalm 100 1b-5, John 1:43-51

1 John 3:11-21

My Beloved, the disciple whom You love writes simply and clearly.  There are no ambiguities here.  He asks a question and he provides the answer so one need not search or fumble around for one.  

Here are some of the things he says and which I will do well to remember:

1) The message does not change.  From the very beginning it is the same - Love one another.
2) Love all that is good.
3) The world hates what is good so do not be surprised if you too will be hated for being and doing good.
4) If I find there is hate for a brother or sister in my heart I am a murderer and I do not possess eternal life.  In other words if I love I already possess eternal life here and now.
5) If I have and I do not give - if my eyes, ears and heart are closed to those who have not, I cannot say I love.  My words and my lips can lie but if my actions do not reflect what my words and my lips speak, I AM A LIAR.  Talk is cheap.  My actions must be influenced by the only worthwhile motive - love.
6) Sometimes we may deceive ourselves  but our conscience will tell us if we have judged ourselves rightly or not, however we ought not to beat ourselves over sins which we have confessed and have genuinely repented for having committed.
7) A childlike attitude before God will ensure a calm conscience for it is without guile.

Psalm 100 1b-5

My Beloved my whole life must witness to Your Truth, Goodness and Beauty.  All my service for You must be joyful because it is a privilege to offer You my poor little offerings of service with love and gratitude in acknowledgement of all You have done for me.  The knowledge that I am Your little sheep and that I belong completely to You is the reason for my courage and confidence - I lacked these for a long, long time.  I enter into the Sanctuary of Your Presence with thanksgiving and joy and I praise and bless You always.  You are good and all You do is good.  Thank You.

John 1:43-51

My Beloved Jesus, when we have a true encounter with You all You need say is, "Come follow Me!" and we will follow You all the way to the Cross and beyond into Your glorious resurrection that will most certainly follow.

The two disciples of John followed You when You were pointed out to them as the Lamb of God and You invited them to enter into a deeper encounter with You.  "Come and see." You initiated the invitation to Philip, he in turn invited Nathanael to come and see You.  Andrew brought his brother Peter to You but they all had to hear to say to them, "Come follow Me."

I too am a disciple my Beloved, I too am counted among those disciples who are referred to as the 'disciple whom Jesus loved,' I am Yours and I thank You for inviting me.  Thank You for the plans You have for my life.  Thank You for the place prepared for me with You in eternity.  I AM ALL YOURS now and FOREVER.  STAY WITH ME LORD!!!!

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