Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baruch 5:1-9, Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11, Psalm 126:1-6, Luke 3:1-6


My Beloved, You ask Your Bride the Church to put aside her sorrow and cast off her garment of mourning for You her Bridegroom will adorn and crown her in Your glory and splendor and You will display her splendor to all.  You who are Eternal will her keep eternally.  You will bless her with Your virtues of peace and justice.  She will be known for her glory which comes from her great love and awe of You; which is revealed in her holy fear of offending You whom she adores and worships.  You will lead all her children who have strayed from her borders back to her, for they belong to the Royal Family of the Eternal King.  Her children are a royal race and they will be treated and acknowledged as such when You carry them home.

God, the Father of the King, will grant the Bride of His Son every grace and favor so she will never walk in danger or fear of the enemy.  She will remain serene in her knowledge of the love of her God for her.  He Himself will lead her joyfully and her light will be the Light of the Glory of her Spouse.  To her will God show everlasting justice and mercy.

My Beloved, we are Yours, we belong to You.  We walk in the Light of Your Truth, Your Eternal Word guides us and we will never stray.  Your loving protection guards us from the wiles of the Enemy.  We are the hope of the world.  We labor in love that all may come to know and possess our joy in You.

As we go about fulfilling the mission You entrusted to us to spread the Good News, You grant us all that we need to speak boldly and live out our faith uncompromisingly.

My Life, my Hope, my Joy, my Desire, all Your children will come home to Your Bride the Curch.  All who have strayed for whatever reason will realize that the greatest Treasure of all can be theirs when they come home, the Treasure that is only present in its fullness in Your One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

What a day of rejoicing there will be in heaven and on earth when there is only one flock and one Shepherd.

My Beloved, You entered into our world, into our time, space and history.  There was a time when Your physical Presence as one like us walked all over Israel in Nazareth, Galilee, Judaea, Samaria....  But before You began Your public ministry John prepared the way for Your coming to commence the work of drawing all men to God.  We too like John are called to prepare the way for Your second coming.  We must be bold and unafraid as we lead lives of holiness.  We must be instruments of peace and justice, truth and love.  

Send laborers into Your vineyard Lord.  Laborers who are prepared to work tirelessly and fearlessly to prepare for the Day of the Lord.

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