Thursday, November 8, 2012

Philippians 3:3-8a, Psalm 15:2-4, Luke 15:1-10


My Beloved, taking inordinate pride in our ability to do well those things that come easily and naturally to us can often become the cause of sin.  Too often we are totally unaware how obnoxious we can be when we set ourselves above others.  

St. Paul advises us to let the Spirit of God direct as to where and how we can best serve.  Our confidence must come from our total surrender to You and allowing You to live, move and act in us through Your Holy Spirit. Knowing You, loving You, consecrating ourselves to You totally, in this is gain.  Every human relationship that becomes a barrier and gets in the way of my love for You must be given up.  Everything we cling to is worthless if we do not have a right relationship with You. To know You, to love You, to serve You is joy.

Verse 4 "Look to the Lord and be strong, seek His Face always."

It is You O Lord I seek from the moment I wake up in the morning until I close my eyes at night.  My eyes look for You, my mouth speaks of You, my ears are open to listen to Your voice, my hands reach out to touch You, my feet follow You, my heart loves You, my tongue tastes You, my soul makes a home for You.  My Beloved I adore You, stay with me.

Every time a sinner approaches the Sacrament of Reconciliation in true repentance, contrition and sorrow there is great rejoicing in heaven.  Truly Beloved, You are the Hound of Heaven.  You pursue, You follow, You call relentlessly, You woo, You plead and call souls until the very end.  

Today we can choose You, follow You, desire You, possess You and be possessed by You.  Today is the day because none of us knows about tomorrow.

I rejoice that You sought and found me a miserable and unworthy sinner.  Finding me too weak to stand on my own You picked me and placed me on Your shoulder.  You brought me home and You washed me clean in Your own precious Blood.  You fed me and strengthened me with Your Body and You quenched my thirst and refreshed me with the living water that flows from Your pierced side.  Every day I receive grace from You as I partake of the life giving Sacraments; commissioned by You I in turn go out in Your Name to help those who are as lost as I once was.  

Someday I will join You, and together with the angels and saints in heaven and I too will rejoice when a sinner like me returns home.  Thank You my Beloved that You did not come for the righteous who have no need for You but for sinners like me if not, I would have been damned forever.

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