Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 John 5-8, Psalm 112:1-6, Luke 18:1-8


Beloved, may I always have a welcome for Your people.  May I find my heart open to them and may I serve them for Your sake, with a generous and joyful spirit.  May I be especially kind to Your anointed aware that they are doing Your work and may I offer whatever service I can to help them in their Ministry.

My Love, may I be ever ready and willing to be of use to those who serve you ready to give all that is required with a loving and generous spirit.

Grant me the grace not to desire to be recognized or acknowledged.  Grant me a love that is detached, that does not cling, that is not needy, a love that is prepared to give without counting the cost and expecting to be paid back and is hurt when it goes unnoticed and unremarked.  In short Beloved, I want to be like You.  Grant me the grace to be open to the promptings of Your holy Spirit who lives in me.

My beloved there are situations about which I have been praying over for many years and they are still unresolved.  In these verses You advice me to continue praying with a steadfast heart.  In Your perfect time, every prayer will be answered perfectly.  I trust You and I believe that every thing I have asked for in faith will be granted to me in due course.  It delights the Father to fill His children with every good and perfect gift and that is why he gave You to us and You in turn have given us Your most Holy Spirit.  I need nothing.  i want nothing.  You are in me and with me and I have all I shall ever need or want.

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