Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EPHESIANS 2:12-22, PSALM 85:9-14, LUKE 12:35-38


My Beloved, it is true, without You the world is without the fullness of God and without real hope.  The kind of hope that hopes even when things looks hopeless. Your took two people and You made them one.  You took the people of the Old Covenant and the people of the New and by became the bridge that unites the two.  Every prophecy and promise  God made with the people He chose, formed and prepared was fulfilled when He sent You into the world to be our Savior, Redeemer and Lord.  We are all now called the people of God, children of the Father and we are Your brothers and sisters.

In You my Beloved nothing is impossible, in You the possibilities of what we can be is endless.  God took nothing and into this nothing He spoke His Word, His only Word, His Eternal Word and with the Breath of the Holy Spirit the Word  brought forth life, light and love.  In You my Beloved heaven comes to earth and we are transformed into living temples where God Himself desires to dwell.  In the fullnes of Love the Church resides, the Church founded on the Apostles with You as its Cornerstone.  She is built on Truth and will stand firm forever as a living testimony to the world of all that God makes possible in You.

Beloved, peace is that elusive thing that  continues to escape the world because it does not acknowledge You as its Redeemer, Savior and Lord.  Peace comes from You and it has its origin in You.  It resides in You and is given by You to the world. When we believe in You peace reigns in our hearts and in the world and when we live in peace and harmony with each other it becomes possible for love to rule every area of our being making it possible to exercise all the other virtues as well. Peace is a reality only when we allow the Prince of Peace to become for us all that God intended Him to be.

---- Mine, pay attention to these verses, this is what I urge You to remember.  The time for sleeping has passed.  You have a role to play, a work to do.  All that You need is already given to you.  There is no more time to make excuses and to pass on to another what I have called you to do.  Be alert! Stay awake! Be on your guard! Work for the Kingdom.  The time is short and the hour is almost near.  Those who were called have fallen asleep. I need you.

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