Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hebrews 5:7-9, Psalm 32:15-16, 20, John 19:25-27,

Daily Holy Mass Readings:

Our Lady of Sorrows, painting by Tianna Mallett

Humble submission, this is the key to Your relationship with Your Father.  As God the Son, You my Beloved are equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit and yet You accepted His will that You become the Man of Sorrow, crushed for our sake in the wine press of suffering and pouring out Your life as an oblation.  The only sacrifice that was pleasing and acceptable to the Father and the only way that perfect and complete atonement for our sins was possible.  God asked nothing less than the emptying of Yourself on the Cross and this is the example You have left us.  We too can be perfected through grace if we gladly, willingly and completely accept Your will for our lives no matter what it may be.  Prompt and joyful submission to the will of God, humility and love, this is what You offered the Father and He expects nothing less from us.  Now seated in glory at the Father’s right hand, He will deny You nothing and He demands that we spend our lives praising You, glorifying You and acknowledging what You have done for us, You who won eternal salvation for all and we bow the knee and confess to the glorify of the Father that You indeed are Lord.

Mama, last Saturday we celebrated the feast of Your nativity, this Saturday the Church celebrates another aspect of Your life as Our Lady of Sorrows.   

What a comfort it would have been for your beloved Son, Jesus, to see you at the foot of the Cross sharing His agony.  Every painful breath He struggled agonizingly to breathe into His lungs, every mournful groan of pain would have been like so many arrows piercing your heart.  It is no wonder that the Church in her wisdom, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has given you the title co-Redemptrix with Jesus Your Son and mediatrix of all grace, O most chaste spouse of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for accepting me as your daughter and for your constant intercession with Jesus on my behalf.

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