Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1 CORINTHIANS 7:25-31, PSALM 45:11-17, LUKE 6:20-26

My Beloved, St. Paul speaks here about the value of detachment.  We live in a world that feeds on its feelings.  The gospel of the age is, "If it feels good, if it feels right do it, if it doesn't, if all you feel are negative vibes then don't."  It is impossible to make grave decisions based on feelings that are as ephemeral as the morning mist that vanishes when the sun appears. I know that I could confess to having done terrible things I ought never to have done, because I was prompted by my feelings and I acted on them.  It is naive and childish to use the 'feel good factor' as a barometer which decides on the choices we make.  How naive and stupid is that?

To be detached enables us to think clearly.  When I allow myself to melt into an emotional puddle of feelings I cannot exercise good judgment.  The feeling of the moment will decide my course of action and there is a strong possibility that I would make grave and sinful choices.

My Beloved, grant me the virtue of detachment in order that I may love and serve You with right judgment and purity of heart

 My Beloved, today the Church celebrates the sweet and holy name of Mary - Mother of God and our mama.  As I read the verses in this psalm and apply them to her their meaning becomes clear and make perfect sense.

Mary is the chosen daughter of God the Father to become the Mother of His Son, the KING.  She is the chaste spouse of the most Holy Spirit who adorns and fills her so abundantly with every virtue and grace that she takes on a heavenly beauty.  The angels and saints gasp in awe at her radiance.  She is bathed and imbued by the the Light of Life and Love that emanates from her Divine Son and she is illumined by Him.  She is the epitome of what every human creature must strive to be.  She is given a place in heaven that is above that of the angels and saints.  The King of Kings and the Prince of Peace, her Son has seated her at His right hand and it delights and pleases the Triune God when she is honored, venerated, revered and loved for all praise to Mary redounds to God for it it is an acknowledgement of all that God has accomplished for the human race.  Our salvation and redemption was possible because Mary said, "YES." 

Thank you mama Mary and continue to pray for your children who are still in exile here on earth.

My Beloved there are no secrets on how we can get to heaven.  You have told us plainly and clearly how we can get there when You gave us the blueprint on Your sermon on the Mount.  There is none better than  Mama Mary who lived perfectly the beatitudes You taught. We would do well in using her as our model.

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