Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1 Corinthians 6:1-11, Psalm 149:1-6, 9, Luke 66:12-19


My Beloved, Christians are called to live as brothers and sisters for we belong to the family of God and yet how often our lives are such a poor witness to those of other faiths.  We give scandal by the way we treat each other.  We are ready to complain and find fault, injure reputations sometimes beyond repair, who then can we hop to inherit the Kingdom?  Even those who gossip are included in the list of those who commit serious sins.  It is a most sobering thought since we freely talk about the bad, the ugly and the foolish mistakes people make and we pass it of as conversation and communication.  Thank You Lord for Your wisdom and for opening my eyes to the truth that I most certainly am my brother's keeper.

 Verse 4
For the Lord delights in his people;
he crowns the lowly with victory.

My Beloved, Your word tells me that You delight in those who belong to You and those who are humble You crown with victory.  The more I lean on You, the more I desire to obey Your will the greater will my crown of success be.

 Verse 12 says:
12 At this time Jesus went out into the hills to pray, spending the whole night in prayer with God. 

When it is night, when it is dark, when we do not see our way clearly, instead of groping and struggling on our own we must imitate Your example and bring our struggles to You and wrestle them out with You just as You did when You spent the night united with Your Father in prayer  We must listen to Your voice and seek answers, insights and guidance from You.  We must wait on You to reveal to us what it is You wish us to do.  The day light will dawn and armed with grace and strength, we can act on what You desire of us. 

You have many disciples and followers and it is You who calls and gives us our vocation in life.  Each of us has is given a mission and we can only know what that mission is if we spend time with You and discern it in prayer and in silence.

You do not abandon Your people or Your Church.  At every Eucharistic celebration You come among us.  We throng to the churches and we come from everywhere because we know that we need You.  We bring before You all that ails us -our sickness of mind, soul, body and spirit and we ask You to descend into our very bodies, to rest in our hearts and to touch us from within and renew and restore us.  Only in union with You can we accomplish all that the Father desires of us in order that You may be glorified.  Pour upon me and upon Your Church Your sweet Holy Spirit and empower us to be light and salt in this world that was created in love.

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