Saturday, August 11, 2012

Habakuk 12:2-4, Psalm 9:8-13, Matthew 17:14-20

DAILY HOLY MASS READINGS:  Habakuk 12:2-4, Psalm 9:8-13, 
                                                                    Matthew 17:14-20

My Beloved, my God, my Protector and my Deliverer, You are holy and You are faithful and You want  us to desire to be holy and faithful like You too.  Your judgment in our favor may seem slow in coming and the days of our affliction endless.  Your eye is ever watchful over Your own and in the end Your love and justice will prevail.  No evil against those who follow You will succeed.  In the end , You will triumph and those who belong to You will live eternally with You.

You my Beloved are my hope and I rest with perfect peace in You.  No evil can touch me.  No plan against me will succeed simply because, I, Your little nothing, claim all that You are.  I place myself on Your heart and I lie against Your breast, Your arms hold me close in tender love.  You know that if You let me go I will be lost and so You hear me when I say, “My Beloved Lord never let me parted from You and should I lose my grip on You, tighten Your hold me lest I fall.  I am Yours in life, in death and eternally.

“M--- Mine, I assure you that if you have faith as big as a mustard seed you can say to this hill, “Go from here and it will go.  You could do anything.”

Over and over again I have seen how You have taken my mustard seed of faith and moved the obstacles that I have had to face.  Thank You Lord.  Who do I have but You?  Who can help me but You?  I believe and trust in You alone and I know You will never disappoint me because You are faithful.

Thank You my Beloved.

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