Friday, August 17, 2012

Ezekiel 16:1-5, 60-63, Isaiah 12:2-6, Matthew 19:3-12


My Beloved, I have not deserved the love You have shown me always.  When I had sinned, I ought to have been abandoned by You in righteous and just anger but Your mercy and compassion refused to condemn me.  Instead, You have continued to love me as steadfastly as You always have.  You have poured grace upon me.  You have drawn me slowly but surely close to Yourself.  Now I know that I could never be happy anywhere except against Your breast.  Lyng close to Your heart.  Keep me closer to You always.  Continue to be my strength and my joy.  With You I am everything without You I am nothing.  Stay with me Lord.  You feed mw with Yourself how foolish it would be to want anything but you.

You are my Savior.  If I have You in whom I can place all my trust, I have no need to be afraid.  You are my strength.  In You I can do all things.  You feed my hunger and You quench my thirst.  You are the reason and the source of my joy.  Keep my gaze on You always and I will be happy.

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