Friday, June 15, 2012

Hosea 1:1, 3-4, 8c-9, Isaiah 12:2-6, Ephesians 3:8-12, 14-19, John 19:31-37


My Beloved God, what can I say when I read these soul stirring and heart warming verses? How can I respond to love such as this I who am nothing?  I am weak, small and sinful.  I am so weak I need to lean on You all the time, my love for You is so small that I need to be immersed in Your love so that I can love with Your love.  The only reason You created us was so that You could lavish Your love on us.  You knew we would sin and You made provision for our salvation by sending us Your Son as our Savior, Redeemer and Messiah - He loves us just as powerfully and completely as You do.

Thank You my God for not coming to me in anger for if You did then I would be annihilated and justly so for I have often sinned greatly against You and Your love.  Thank You for always coming to me, for seeking me, for stooping low over me in such wondrous humility even though You are God.  Thank You for loving me and reconciling me to Yourself.  I love You.

Isaiah 12:2-6

With You beside me each moment of my life I fear nothing.  I can do all things in You, with You and through You.  I can endure all things with You because You are my hope, my joy, my strength, my life and my love.  You are the reason I sing and my heart is joyful always.  I love You.

Ephesians 3:8-12, 14-19

My Beloved the tiny little mustard seed that You planted in Your Apostles - the seed of Your Word - has been tended, guarded, fed and nourished by Your Holy Spirit for over 2000 years.  Your Church has contemplated all that You said and did both publicly and privately.  All that the Apostles did and wrote are all safeguarded as the rich deposit of our faith in Your One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  She has rested on Your Sacred Heart in the same manner that the beloved disciple rested on Your breast. She is fed and nourished by the food You provide in Your Body and Your Blood at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  She is kept alive and powerful with the life and power of Your Holy Spirit.  The Father watches over her as tenderly and protectively as a mother hen watches over her chicks.  Your wisdom is her wisdom, Your strength is her strength.  She is Your visible and tangible presence in the world.  She is in the world yet not of the world.  In perfect imitation of her Bridegroom she invites everyone to come and find rest in  her.  Just as You welcome everyone so does she - that is why she is called Catholic.  She says nothing and does nothing except that which You  inspire her to teach and to do.  Your heartbeat is her heartbeat and we her children make our home in her heart as she makes her home in Yours.

John 19:31-37

Verse 34  
34 One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a lance and immediately there came out blood and water.

Verse 37b
They shall look on him whom they have pierced.

My Beloved from Your pierced side You made an open doorway into Your Sacred Heart.  The Blood and Water that gushed forth from Your side sanctifies the earth and all mankind for as long as the earth remains in time. You gave Your all holding nothing back.  You poured out Your life and Your love in perfect humility, obedience and love and now as Verse 37b says we can look at Your pierced side and be overwhelmed at what God has done for us His unworthy creatures.
We look at Your pierced side and Sacred Heart and we offer You our grateful thanks and love in response.  We can now enter freely into Your Heart through Your open side, rest within this heavenly sanctuary  and find there perfect peace.

Thank You Father for the Perfect Gift of Your Son as our Redeemer, Savior and Spouse.  Thank You Jesus for Your obedience to the Father and for saving us in love.  Thank You Holy Spirit for drawing us into the divine life of the Trinity.


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