Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 Kings 2:1, 6-14, Psalm 31:20-21 & 24, Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

DAILY HOLY MASS READINGS:  2 Kings 2:1, 6-14, Psalm 31:20-21 & 24,

Elijah and Elisha were prophets of the most high God.  They were appointed by Him to guide His people.  Elijah knew that the time had come for him to leave this world, he was also aware that Elisha was  appointed by God to continue his work once he was taken away by God.  Elisha too was aware that God intended to take Elijah to Himself and he was determined not to leave his side despite the fact that Elijah requested him over and over to do so.  How difficult it is to let go of those we love, admire and esteem.  Those who have been our strength and guide.  It is a natural human tendency to cling but we have to direct that desire to hold on to God alone and nothing else.

As long as Elijah was alive, Elisha gave him the honor that was his due, so too must we.  It is God who appoints those in authority and for this reason we must obey all whom God has chosen and empowered to lead in His Church.

God never gives us a responsibility without giving us the commensurate grace to carry out the work that He desires us to do and we must not hesitate to make known our desires and our needs boldly to God.  Elijah was powerful in the Spirit of the Lord and Elisha asked for the best of that Spirit, however, it was not in Elijah's power to comply with his request.  It is God alonewho is the Giver of every good and perfect gift.  Elisha would be given a sign by which he would know whether God had granted his request.  God works and makes His Presence known through various signs and actions throughout salvation history and it is the same in the life of the Church today.  The Sacraments are God's signs of His saving Presence among us and it is through these Signs that He accomplishes His work in and through us.

Elijah was privileged to enter body and soul into heaven why then would God not do the same for His most highly favored daughter, the Mother of His beloved Son and the most chaste spouse of the Holy Spirit - MARY????

These verses are a confirmation of all You do for those who are chosen by You.  You hide them and shelter them in Your Presence and You keep them safe from the wiles and snares of the enemy.  No harm will come to those who put their trust in You.  Weakness and fear have no place in the lives of those who walk in the light and fear of God for He is their strength and their courage.

My Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, here is a warning that it would be extremely wise for me to heed always and in every area of my life.

Verse 1
Be careful not to make a show of your righteousness before peo­ple. If you do so, you do not gain anything from your Father in heaven.

Showing off before God and before man what we mistakenly believe is our righteousness before Him are in truth nothing but filthy rags.  What good are my prayers, fasting and alms giving if I parade what I do in order to seek the esteem of people.  I have received the paltry reward of momentary pleasure in their praise and admiration which may or may not even be genuine.  You warn me that this is anathema to the Lord and He will consider  this ephemeral praise of men that I have desired and received to be reward enough.  I will receive nothing from Him.  

I may be able to deceive people about my goodness and sanctity but God who sees and knows my heart, my mind and my soul also knows my motives and He can never be deceived.  If I thought even for an instant that I could deceive Him then I am a greater fool than I have given myself credit for.

My Beloved Jesus, grant me the fullness of Your Spirit in order that I may see rightly and clearly what I truly am before God.

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