Friday, December 9, 2011

John 1:35-39

Daily Meditation:  John 1:35-39

John 1:35-39
My Beloved, catechists must be like John.  They prepare the way, they make  known the Bridegroom, they can do so because they know Him well, because they spend time getting to know Him better each day.  The time must come when those who are being catechized will feel a burning in their own hearts as well as they come to know and love Christ and His Church.  A time when they will want to make their own personal discovery and continue the journey with the Bridegroom Himself.  Catechists must point out to Him and say,  "Behold the Lam of God."  They prepare their children or youth or adults to receive the Sacraments.

Once they understand the power and the necessity to of following Christ they must do so at once without hesitation or delay because therein lies their true joy.  Jesus will ask of each, "What are you looking for?  Not who are you looking for?  They know who He is, but why do they wish to follow Him - that knowledge is true discovery.

What am I looking for my Lord?  I am looking for the Truth that will set me free.  I wish to live with You for the rest of my life.  I want to be your disciple.  I want you to have complete authority over me  I want in turn to share my discovery of this joy in union with you with all whom I encounter.
I want to belong to You alone.                                                        

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