Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jeremiah 20:7 & 9, Sirach 51:12-20, Mark 11:27-33, Psalm 19:8-11

Daily Mass Readings: Sirach 51:12-20, Mark 11:27-33, Psalm 19:8-11

Jeremiah 20:7 & 9
You have seduced me and I let myself be seduced.
His word in my heart becomes like a fire burning deep within my bones.  I try so hard to hold it in,  but I cannot do it.

Beloved, I am betrothed to You and because I am all Yours I trust in You wholeheartedly.  Let me know Your will for me, command me to do it and supply all the grace I need to accomplish it.  Amen

Sirach 51:12-20

Beloved, You are the wisdom of God.  Wisdom dwells in its fullness in You.  Teach me Your wisdom, not the wisdom of the world which is foolish and trivial.  May I weigh all things on the scale of Your wisdom.  May I see and understand through the eyes and mind of Your wisdom.  May nothing in the world cause me alarm because I know that Your wisdom and life sustain me.

Mark 11:27-33

Beloved, You were at home in Your Father's house in the Temple in Jerusalem.  You walked in with the ease of ownership and the stamp of authority in Your speech, aware of Your status as the First Born Son and Heir to all that belongs to the Father.  The Scribes and Pharisees recognized how 'at home' You were.  Of-course confidence and authority oozed from You because of Your perfect and intimate knowledge of Your Father and Your relationship with Him.  No wonder they were afraid, they were usurpers and felt threatened by the arrival of the Son and Heir.  How often we know the right answers but we do not confess it.  We damn ourselves when we refuse to face up to the Truth and we are the losers.

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