Monday, January 3, 2011

Jeremiah 51:15-18

Jeremiah 51:15-18
15 He made the earth by his power,
founded the world by his wisdom,
spread out the sky by his discernment.
16 When he thunders, the heaven roars;
from the earth he makes clouds rise;
he sends lightning with the rain,
and from his vaults brings out the wind.
17 Everyone stand stupefied at this;
artisans blush, for the idols they made
have no life and are a fraud.
18 They are worthless, ridiculous;
when judgment comes they will perish.

Be prepared to go where I lead you even when you do not feel inclined.  True love overcomes self and the mood of the moment.  Place your hand in Mine and trustfully go where I take  you.

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