Thursday, July 13, 2017

Genesis 44:18-21, 23-29; 45:1-5, Psalm 105:16-21, Matthew 10:7-15


The Kingdom of God is at hand:
repent and believe in the Gospel. Mk 1:15

Genesis 44:18-21, 23-29; 45:1-5, Psalm 105:16-21, Matthew 10:7-15

Genesis 44:18-21, 23-29; 45:1-5

Dear Love,

Through all the troubles that beset us in life no matter how great or how distressing; You desire that we respond as Joseph did. He could have been vengeful and malicious and he would be excused if he did harm to those who had harmed him so greviously. But he could see that his brothers repented of the terrible wrong they had done him and how they dreaded in bringing further grief to their father if the next favored son after himself was also lost to him.

Joseph was magnanimous in forgiving his brothers and his joy in seeing them again was so great that he them with heaped gifts and desired to have his father and brothers come to him and stay with him. When You forgive us You too restore all that we had lost and give us even more than we had before.

Like Joseph may we not withhold our forgiveness from those who have wronged us when they approach us in repentance; no matter how great the wrong. May we like Joseph heap blessings over those who having sinned against us  now beg for our mercy and pardon; bearing in mind how much You have forgiven us and how great is the mercy You have shown us.

Psalm 105:16-21

Dear Love,

Joseph was a man chosen by God to teach us that those who belong to You will be kept safe. Even if we have to suffer for a while vindication will come. If we accept our trials patiently and continue to keep faith no matter how hard it may be, in the end, we will triumph for You will never forsake those who truly trust You in all circumstances. 

Sometimes troubles seem to crush and overwhelm us in those time we are called to keep our faith and hope in You alive because You are God and You are true to Your promises. All You have done for us in the past must encourage us to remember that You are the same yesterday, today and forever and You will reward greatly those who remain faithful to the end.

Matthew 10:7-15

Dear Love,

When You sent the Apostles out for the first time You gave them a clear mandate, they were to make a proclamation that the Kingdom of heaven was at hand. They were then given the power to demonstrate that their proclamation was indeed from God by the works of God that they performed just as You, the Son of God had done. They were to cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons.  And unlike the televangelists we have to day who live a life of pomp and plenty through extortion couched in pious words, they were to give without cost what they had received without cost. They were to make no provision for the journey trusting that God would provide all they needed.

They were to trust in the hospitality of those would give them a place to stay - if they were received kindly that household would be blessed abundantly, if they were rejected then the blessings would be withdrawn. This is why we must always welcome Your servants, Your priests with glad and generous hearts providing for all their needs according to their requirements in welcoming them we welcome You. 

Your message of salvation is clear and we must give it just as we received it so all who hear may believe. Those who reject it for whatever reason, do so at their own peril.

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