Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tobit 3:1-11a, 16-17a, Psalm 25:2-9, Mark 11:18-27


I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord;
whoever believes in me will never die. Jn 11:25, 26

Tobit 3:1-11a, 16-17a, Psalm 25:2-9, Mark 11:18-27

Tobit 3:1-11a, 16-17a

Dear Love,

The sincere prayer of the brokenhearted will be heard. While suffering is the lot of all human beings because we are born in sin and are afflicted by our propensity to sin, You will hear us when we turn our face to You and beg You in Your mercy, kindness and love to come to our aid and help us.  Never has it been said of You that You do not stoop low over those who cry out to You in pain and comfort them. 

Both Tobit and Sara had reached the end of their endurance and although they praised You they asked that they made so that their suffering may come to an end. Very often in our own sufferings we believe we have reached the lowest point and all is dark and hopeless; it is then that You will shed light and hope is born again. Both Tobit and Sara would receive great blessings - they would know happiness and joy because they looked to You for help and were not disappointed. 

Psalm 25:2-9

Dear Love,

Thank You for the confidence we have that all we need to do is lift up our eyes to You and You my soul's beloved will make haste to save me. I know that no matter how dark the terrors of the night, no matter how fare I wander from the paths that lead to life, when I call on You in anguish, when sorrow for my sins consume me, You will pick me up, wash me, cleanse me, and restore me.  Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, who will teach me Your ways and help me walk in the ways that lead to life. You are my Lord and my God. You are my Savior and my Deliverer. Thank You for not keeping account of my sins but in Your compassion blotting them out. May I never lose hope and may I never forget to give thanks for all You have done for me.

Mark 11:18-27

Dear Love,

Like the Sadducces there are many in the world who only strive to find answers to eternal truths from the skewered lens of the flesh. In fact they were so certain they were right in their reasoning that they believed they had You over the stumps by posing this ridiculous question to You.  As long as we are in the flesh we will not understand the things of the spirit. You did not let them remain in ignorance but disclosed to them the secrets of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus said to them, "Are you not misled
because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?
When they rise from the dead,
they neither marry nor are given in marriage,
but they are like the angels in heaven.
As for the dead being raised,
have you not read in the Book of Moses,
in the passage about the bush, how God told him,
I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac,
and the God of Jacob
He is not God of the dead but of the living.
You are greatly misled."

 If we are determined to listen to the culture of the world today we will continue to be greatly misled.  Do not take away Your Holy Spirit from us. May He continue to enlighten those who have the authority and power to speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be.

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