Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20, Tobit 13: 2, 6-8, Mark 12:38-44


Blessed are the poor in spirit;
for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.Mt 5:

Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20, Tobit 13: 2, 6-8, Mark 12:38-44

Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20

Dear Love,

Thank You for appointing angels to watch over us. We do not see them but we know that they guard us night and day and they carry our prayers and petitions to the Throne of Mercy and they bring back to us Your graces and blessing. They are Your Messengers who do not tire and do not sleep. 

Tobit was unaware until it was revealed to him by Raphael that God was taking into account all his good deeds in the face of great personal danger to himself. He was a man of faith, of courage, and a man of prayer. 

When Raphael finally revealed to the family who he was he also told them to praise and thank God who sent him to accompany Tobiah  on his journey and to ensure that it was successful. It was God who desired that both Tobit and Sarah be healed for he had heard the prayers and the cries of Tobit as well as that of Tobiah and Sarah as the prayed together the night they were married.

Ever mindful of all God's blessings we are called to praise Him and to make known to the world all that He has done for us because He loves us. You have given us so much from the riches of Your bountiful treasury of love and have blessed us materially and spiritually - may we in turn show generosity to others and share what You have given us. 

Tobit 13: 2, 6-8

Dear Love,

All that we suffer in this world serves a  purpose, it strengthens and purifies us and through the grace and wisdom we receive we are able then to console others who are hurting. All suffering gives us an opportunity to grow in faith and to have a share in Your Own redemptive suffering. 

Help me not to chafe and grumble when the cross is laid upon me, rather help me to keep my gaze fixed on You and to draw strength from You. Grant that I may praise You all the days of my life even when praising is hard. In all the circumstances of my life grant that I may see Your hand in it and know that in all things You work for good in those that love You.

Mark 12:38-44

Dear Love,

There is always an ever present danger to think that we are better than others. All that we have has been given to us by the good of the Lord and it is incumbent on us to share with those who have not. You did not give us in order to hoard, in order to build bigger barns and store the excess - rather we are called to be caretakers, and like Joseph we are called to give to all who have nothing. 

It is generally the poor, who understanding what it means to be hungry and in want, give to those who like them are suffering. Give me the heart of the widow who gave unstintingly all she had trusting in God's providence to supply all her needs.

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