Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Acts 17:15-22----18:1, Psalm 148:11-14, John 16:12-15


I will ask the Father
and he will give you another Advocate
to be with you always. Jn 14:16

Acts 17:15-22----18:1, Psalm 148:11-14, John 16:12-15

Acts 17:15-22----18:1

Dear Love,

When we take our mission of evangelization seriously, the Holy Spirit will enable us to become articulate as we preach and teach, taking what people already know and building up from there. Paul does this masterfully. He saw the altar that had the inscription, "To an Unknown God' and he was able to reveal to them who God is and His purpose in creating us. They had multiple gods and goddesses made of all kind of material which they worshipped and Paul explained to them that God was above His creation, needing nothing, complete in Himself yet He put a longing in every human heart to know Him and in knowing Him to find joy that is not of this world. 

Dear Love, in You we live, we move and we have our being. You are Vine and we are the branches, with You we live apart from You we wither and die. Paul told his listeners about You, how God sent You died to save us all and in the end You will come again to judge the living and the dead. Many believed and those who believed in turn began to preach the Good News. With the help of Your Spirit grant that I may seize every opportunity to speak of You.

Psalm 148:1-2, 11-14

Dear Love,

Not only do You dwell in the praises of Your people, praise is fitting to all who are called by Your Name. All in heaven praise You, all in Purgatory praise You and we who have an eternal destiny with You praise You for You deserve all the glory. No one is exempt from loving God, worshiping Him, and praising Him always and everywhere priest, beggar and king for in the eyes of God we His children are all equal in His sight. 

We each have a responsibility to hand down the faith so this praise continues from generation to generation and when our life's work is complete on earth we shall continue to praise You more perfectly in heaven for then we will behold You in all Your glory, share in it and offer You praise, adoration and worship eternally,

John 16:12-15

Dear Love,

Without the help of the Holy Spirit we are unable to properly grasp what God has accomplished for us in You. We are unable to wrap our minds around the fact that God the Lord of the heavens and the earth desires us to have an intimate relationship with Himself. So through His Spirit He grants us wisdom and knowledge so we may come to know Him better.The Apostles had to wait until Pentecost when the Holy Spirit would descend on them in fullness, but until that time they were weak, confused, and unable to fully understand what You said to them about all that You were sent to do and the final outcome of the great Sacrifice. But You assured them not to worry, in time You would give them the Helper, the Advocate, a Paraclete who would open their minds to know the unknowable, to understand that every prophecy in the Old Testament found its fulfillment in You and that You are the Messiah whom God sent to save us.  

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