Friday, May 19, 2017

Acts 15:22-31, Psalm 57:8-19, 12, John 15:12-17


I call you my friends, says the Lord,
for I have made known to you all that the Father has told me. Jn 15:15

Acts 15:22-31, Psalm 57:8-19, 12, John 15:12-17

Acts 15:22-31

Dear Love,

We see from the earliest days how the Church was being formed and how the celebration of the Holy Mass would take its form.

A Council was called with the Apostles and others in authority and together with Peter it was decided what was acceptable and must be followed by all. Even now we see how the Magisterium  takes a decision, guided by the Holy Spirit and considering the sentiments and the sensitivity of all both Jews and Gentiles who had come to believe in You and had begun to follow You laid down the law that they decided must bind all the members in the Church. After the Council the member were given a letter to be delivered to the churches and this was read in the presence of all the Christians in that place. Now in the Holy Mass we have the Liturgy of the Word where the letters of the Apostles are read, all hear their exhortation on how to lead holy, blameless lives pleasing to God. All who hear it are encouraged in their hope, and grow in faith in God and charity towards each other.

Psalm 57:8-19, 12

Dear Love,

If I can make this wonderful claim that my heart is steadfast it is only because the grace You pour upon me strengthens me and keeps me faithful. My soul sings of Your goodness and Your wonderful love for me. You have raised me up. You have cleansed me in the waters of baptism, You feed me with Your Body and Blood and strengthen me and You grant me wisdom through the indwelling of Your Holy Spirit in whom I am confirmed in the Sacrament of Confirmation that I may live out this gift of faith boldly without fear all the days of my life.

Thank You Abba Father for creating me and granting that I be born a Catholic where the fullness of faith  is found.  Thank You for Your unending mercy and love. Grant that I may be faithful to the end and when You come for me grant that I may shelter in You eternally just as You have sheltered me here on earth,

John 15:12-17

Dear Love,

When we make the two great commandments the rule of our life by which all our thoughts, deeds and words are shaped then we are on the road that leads to the Kingdom of God. When we obey the commandments we begin to image You more and more each day, we become Your friends, no longer slaves for we become obedient to the Father in the way that You too are always obedient to the Father. You reveal to us that You and the Father are one and that You do everything and say everything that You have seen the Father do and heard the Father say. You give us nothing that is apart from His will and His desire. In You we will bear fruit that is everlasting and will testify that we have indeed been faithful servants.

May we love as You love. May we serve as You serve. May our lives be lived in perfect humility and obedience and we can be sure that the shadow of  Your love and protection will never be taken away from us.

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