Thursday, April 6, 2017

Genesis 17:3-9, Psalm 105:4-9, John 8:51-59


If today you hear his voice,
harden not your hearts. Ps 95:8

Genesis 17:3-9, Psalm 105:4-9, John 8:51-59

Genesis 17:3-9

My soul's beloved, like Abraham we must never forget who God is and who we are. It is God who always condescends to us His creatures, He created us and He loves us we belong to Him, we are His possessions, and our whole life must be one of worship prostrate before His majesty always. It is God who desires to make a Covenant with us and to have a covenant relationship with us. It is God who seeks us, and invites us to enter into a a sacred covenant to which he will remain faithful forever whether or not we are faithful. Every baptized Christian and how much more so every Catholic who lives the fullness of faith in the Church He founded is privileged to live this Covenant relationship with the Triune God. It is God who prospers us, who renders us fertile, who empowers us, who shares with us His inheritance, who deigns to call us His children and raises us up with You because You have deigned to be brought low for our sake so that we may experience the wonder of being loved faithfully and eternally by God. This Covenant He makes not only with us but with all who come after us. It is a Covenant that will last forever.

Psalm 105:4-9

My soul's beloved, You are the Covenant, the Living Covenant, the Eternal Covenant of Love made visible, made incarnate - the Son of the Father, the Son of God. You came to serve, You came to give Your life as a ransom, You came to experience our death in order that we may receive Your life in all its fullness. From the moment of creation, God who created us in love, desired nothing more than to share His life in paradise. When we sinned, He did not abandon us as we justly deserved but instead recalled the Covenant He made and found a way to reconcile us once more to Himself, through Your obedience, Your suffering, Your passion, Your crucifixion, Your death. You were crushed by sorrow in order that You may triumph over evil and make expiation for our sins. And now You are raised up forever and the Covenant that God forged with us in Your Blood seals us to Him through You forever.

John 8:51-59

My soul's beloved, truth is abhorrent to the wicked, how often we see the Jews pick up stones to kill You because something You said or did stirred up a vicious hatred which sought to remove You from their sight because You stirred their conscience which they had long appeased with lies and half truths. Your works proved Your words for if God were not with You, You would not have the power to do all that You said You had seen Your Father do. If we are to live we must listen to Your Word, believe in Your Word and act on Your Word there is no middle ground. The Father testified aloud that You were His Son in whom He was pleased and He commanded that we listen to You. Before Abraham was, You said, I AM, the Jews recognized this Name by which God identified Himself to Abraham. I AM.

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