Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2 Timothy 4:10-17, Psalm 145:10-13, 17-18, Luke 10:1-9


I chose you from the world,
to go and bear fruit that will last, says the Lord. Jn 15:16


2 Timothy 4:10-17, Psalm 145:10-13, 17-18, Luke 10:1-9

2 Timothy 4:10-17

My soul's beloved, today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist, who was called to write the Gospel as he heard it from You Mama, from the Apostles, and others who had known You. He was a gentile and a doctor. He was a man who having come to the knowledge of Truth received his life's mission to record the Good News so that all generations can read the account of Your Life and Your saving work of redemption and accept You as the Messiah and our Savior.

He was a close and trusted companion of Paul. When several of his close collaborators deserted him Luke remained faithful. Without grace we can do nothing to please You. Without grace we cannot remain faithful to the same call that we have received at our Baptism. Even when we lose all our friends we remain steadfast in our faith and we can count on You, my soul's beloved to give us strength to continue our work for Your glory. 

Psalm 145:10-13, 17-18

My soul's beloved, I am privileged to be counted as one of Your friends and I have been granted a mission. By virtue of my baptism,I am invited to spread the Good News of Your glorious Kingdom and to make You known and loved. My part in making this glorious work of salvation may not be as stupendous as that of the Apostles, and others who are given the task of preaching, and teaching, to large groups in different corners of the globe. Mine is a smaller field, but I am called to be just as faithful as they were, just as willing to suffer for the Gospel as they were, just as zealous as they were to preach the Good News of our salvation.  Keep me faithful and grant me the grace to trust You to provide all that I need. 

Luke 10:1-9

My soul's beloved, the seventy-two disciples appointed by You and sent out in pairs is a model for all Your disciples. Luke was a gentile, he did not know You while You were alive. But he received new life once he heard the Good News and was saved. We have been privileged to be baptized as infants and Your free gift of faith has been granted to us, making our mission so much easier for You have empowered us to do all that You did and even greater things, because You have given us Your Holy Spirit.

The harvest indeed is great my Lord. Grant that I may labor diligently and that I may be a faithful witness to You so that others are drawn to know You and love You and in turn carry out the mission give to all who believe. The Kingdom of God is already among us. Help us to make it a reality wherever You have placed us, not so much with words but by the way we live our lives every moment of every day.

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