Monday, July 11, 2016

Isaiah 1:10-17, Psalm 50:8-9 16-17, 21, 23, Matthew 10:34-1:1


Isaiah 1:10-17, Psalm 50:8-9 16-17, 21, 23, Matthew 10:34-1:1

Isaiah 1:10-17

My soul's beloved, today You remind me how much You detest hypocrisy of any kind. You detest the sins of the unrepentant who come to You with unclean heart, mind and soul. You will not accept the prayers and sacrifices of one who raises their hands to You while still  holding closely the sins of self-indulgence which they refuse to give up. What I desire from you is a life led by My Holy Spirit, a repentant heart, and a contrite spirit with a firm resolve not to walk in the ways of the world that bring death to the soul. Seek every opportunity to do good, open your eyes, your heart, and your hands to those who are poor, those who do not yet know Me and let your faith inspire your work as you strive to walk in the way of holiness. Only by resisting and denying the cravings of the flesh and the lure of the world will you be able to grow in purity and holiness.

Psalm 50:8-9 16-17, 21, 23

My soul's beloved, Scripture makes it clear that You hate hypocrisy in every shape, way or form. You prefer honesty to self deceit or trying to make an appearance of godliness when in fact we are sinners who revel in their sins. You refuse to accept the prayers and the sacrifices of the wicked who make a pretense of being Your disciples. We may fool those around us but we cannot deceive You. 

Because You love me you will not give up on me.  You will correct me and You will make known to me my sins in order that I may repent and return to You with a heart filled with sorrow for having offended You my God who are all good and deserving of all my love. Thank You my Beloved for Your assurance that You are the Good Shepherd who goes in search of the sheep who is lost and on finding it bring it back to the fold. Thank You for Your saving love for me.

Matthew 10:34-1:1

My soul's beloved, no matter where we look at the world today we can see clear signs of persecution and violence against those who profess their faith in public as Christians. Although You are the Prince of Peace for it is peace that You came to bring into the world and those who accept You as their Lord and Savior experience these deep rooted peace in their beings bring about the worst in those in the world who have a visceral hatred for You, Jesus Christ, and all things Christian. This is why You warn us today that You came into the world not to establish peace but a sword - for the sword is taken up frequently against those who believe in You. Christians today are increasingly called upon to make hard choices, choices that can cost them their livelihood,  or family, or their freedom. 

However, we must be prepared to face all kinds of persecution with a calm and a peace that is not of this world but of heaven. Additionally, we are called to be welcoming to all especially those who serve us in the church as Your priests, religious and deacons. We must assist those who choose to forsake a comfortable lifestyle in order to make You known and loved. You promise us a heavenly reward if we so much as give a cup of cold water to those who serve You. May I be ever vigilant my soul's beloved to the needs of Your anointed and be ready to serve in any way I can no matter how small simply because they are Yours.

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