Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lamentations 2:2, 10-14, 18-19, Psalm 74:1-7, 20-21, Matthew 8:5-17


Lamentations 2:2, 10-14, 18-19, Psalm 74:1-7, 20-21, Matthew 8:5-17 

Lamentations 2:2, 10-14, 18-19

My soul's beloved, these verses may as well be wailed loudly by us all who call ourselves Christians and by our guides and shepherds. We are spiritually famished although we are feed ourselves like gluttons on the gospel of the world, imbibe its false culture to the point of drunken stupor and recite its mantras like one who is drowning and clutches on straw to be saved. We are all spiraling downwards to our own destruction and damnation and we are clueless as to what we are doing to ourselves. We are blind and deaf to the truth. We are bloated with death and yet we continue to be seduced by the lies spread by evil. We gladly walk into the traps that are set out for us because the road to perdition is wide, easy, smooth and appeals to our senses. 

Open our eyes Lord before it is too late. Bless the faithful remnant and give them an undying hunger and thirst for the Truth so they keep it alive and shining through the power of Your Spirit.

Psalm 74:1-7, 20-21

My soul's beloved, these verses Your faithful remnant are crying out to You for mercy reminding You that we are chosen by You, formed by Your Word, consecrated to the Father by Your Spirit. The Enemy of the world has sown weeds of lies, they are everywhere and obscuring the Way, stifling the Light and the Truth. The strident voices of evil are everywhere drowning out the voices of reason and wisdom. We are living in an age when sound doctrine has long been forgotten as the liars and thieves go about  marauding and killing all that is good, true and beautiful. We are alone my Beloved, do not forsake those who are struggling to remain faithful. Look with compassion on us and do not let Your Name which is always on our lips be in vain.
Matthew 8:5-17 

My soul's beloved, this is why we have hope that is alive despite all our circumstances as we echo the prophecy of Isaiah, "He bore our infirmities and took on himself our diseases." We know that the Father will never abandon the children His Son has saved as so great a  price. Yes, we are living in a wicked age. The sins that the world commits at the behest of the seductive voice of Evil seem unparalleled since the dawn of history and yet we know that every age has had periods when the world seems to drown in a cesspool of depravity.

Just as the gentile Roman captain came to You with faith You marveled so will faith be rekindled once more from unexpected people. Your Word is alive and powerful and while the nations and its people who were once Christian become insensate to sin there will be others who will hear Your Voice and come to the knowledge of Truth. Then those who have kept the faith together with these new believers will bring to You all the sick of the world and You will heal and restore Your heritage. 

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