Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amos 3:1-8, 4:11-12, Psalm 5:4-8, Matthew 8:23-27


Amos 3:1-8, 4:11-12, Psalm 5:4-8, Matthew 8:23-27

 Amos 3:1-8, 4:11-12

My soul's beloved, it is You who called us forth from darkness into Your marvelous light this is why we are accountable when we turn our back on the grace made freely available to us through the power of the Sacraments. You have made an eternal Covenant of Love with us through baptism and we have been given the free gift of faith. The Holy Spirit has been poured into our hearts and it is He who leads us into full knowledge of the Truth. He convicts us of sin and He helps us to plumb the depths of divine Love; this is why when we choose to sin Your judgment will be more severe, for we have not acted in ignorance but  transgressed despite knowing how greatly You love. God so loved us that He sent You His only Son into the world so that we may not die but live. 

Heavenly Father, may we always return back to You even if in weakness we sinned. Do not turn away from us, do not take Your Holy Spirit from us for if You did Father we would surely die and the terrible price paid by Your Son to ransom my soul would have been in vain. Grant O Lord that it shall never be in vain for me.

Psalm 5:4-8

4: From daybreak You hear my voice,
    From dawn I am in Your Presence
    Watching for You.
8: But I, by your love and grace, may 
    Come into Your house. In reverence I
    bow down and worship at Your holy temple.  

My soul's beloved, with the help of Your grace I wake up at dawn. You hear the sound of my voice as I come into Your loving Presence and we spend this most precious hour together. Your love and grace sustain me. I am privileged to spend time before You in the Blessed Sacrament after which I come to partake feast as the Eucharistic banquet of love. Here I offer the Father the one, holy and only pleasing Sacrifice acceptable to Him the fragrance of which fills the highest heavens as I along with my brothers and sisters worship in Your holy temple and we are fed, nourished and sustained by Your Body and Blood.

Matthew 8:23-27

My soul's beloved, through the years I have experienced storms that seem to come from nowhere and whip across my life almost causing me to drown but I have lived through them and have emerged stronger and a little more like You for I have known that You are with me.  You are always with me no matter how strong the winds or how high the waves of the trouble that toss the boat of my life around. But I have never been in danger of perishing for through the gift of faith I have been able to cling to You. You have been my hope and I have known that through it all You will never let go of me. 

You are God and You have claimed me for your own - why should I be troubled when the Son of God is my soul's beloved. "What need I fear when thou art near O King of night and day?"

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