Thursday, April 7, 2016

Acts 5:27-33, Psalm 34:2, 9, 17-20, John 3:31-36


Acts 5:27-33, Psalm 34:2, 9, 17-20, John 3:31-36

Acts 5:27-33

My Beloved, the promise You made of sending them the Holy Spirit is fulfilled. The frightened Apostles are transformed and are now bold witnesses of the Good News. They of You, Your teachings, Your revelations about the Kingdom of God and they perform miracles just as You said they would once they were empowered by the Holy Spirit. They continue to teach the truth with courage and openly charge the authorities of Deicide when they put You to death by Crucifixion despite the fact that they were imprisoned. The whole of Jerusalem was excited by what they heard and many came to believe that You were indeed the Messiah as the Apostles in turn opened their minds to understand Scripture. The authorities were shaken up to see that the Message was alive despite all their plotting and conniving to put You to death they believed that after they had killed You they would have nothing to worry about.

They now threatened the Apostles for not heeding their orders not to preach You and Your Word to this Peter replied, “Better for us to obey God rather than any human authority!” Peter openly accused them of killing the Savior of the world whom the Father had sent to grant repentance and forgiveness of sins. The gift of the Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of Your promise and is given to all who obey You.

Psalm 34:2, 9, 17-20

My Beloved, grant O Lord that awake my lips will offer unceasing praise to You and even asleep that my spirit will continue adoring and worshiping You. I have indeed tasted Your goodness each day in the Holy Eucharist. You are my shelter, my refuge and my home. Thank You for hearing every cry for help and for coming to my rescue. Nothing is too insignificant for You where I am concerned for scarcely has a prayer escaped my lips You have heard and granted it. Truly my Beloved Your love for me enables me to rise up on eagle wings with the help of the Holy Spirit and I desire nothing more than this to remain hidden in You always.

John 3:31-36

My Beloved You came from the Father in obedience to His will. You came into the world to reveal to us the nature of God which is love. You came in order to bridge the chasm that sin had created between God and us and You desired that all who heard You would believe in the Good News. You make it possible for us to live in heaven even while yet on earth and to desire nothing less than perfect union with You.

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