Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ezekiel 28:1-10, Deuteronomy 32:26-28, 30, 35-36, Matthew 19:23-30


Ezekiel 28:1-10, Deuteronomy 32:26-28, 30, 35-36, Matthew 19:23-30

Ezekiel 28:1-10

'You are a man and not a god.' My Beloved, today many people live in delusion, there is a perception created that we do not need God anymore.  Technology and science have advanced at such a rapid pace that whole nations are quite convinced that God is irrelevant. The think that because they have access to all they need of this world's latest sophisticated gadgets they have no need for the divine, the sublime. They put their trust  in their material possessions and consider God irrelevant.  Then suddenly the wicked, the immoral, the violent, the fanatic crosses his path, mows him down and with him tens of thousands and there is nothing he can do to withstand the onslaught, the bloodbath and the annihilation of lives.  He is helpless before the desolation and terror that follows. Only then does he realize to his everlasting grief and shame that he is after all only a man and no god.  

There is no God but God alone and He has revealed Himself in You.

Deuteronomy 32:26-28, 30, 35-36

The enemy is on the prowl, roaring and devouring everything in its wake.  Evil believes its day has come and it has triumphed, death has descended and the stench of decay is everywhere.  The truth is that if the Lord, their rock and refuge had not permitted it the enemy could not harm a hair on their head.  May understanding dawn, may wisdom prevail and may Your people cry out with one voice for an end to the wave of terror and fear that has been unleashed on the world.  Act on behalf of Your people and grant peace and  justice to our brothers and sisters who are being crushed under the boot of evil.

May Your Kingdom, and may Your will be done.

Matthew 19:23-30

My Beloved, You tell us in no uncertain terms that if we cling to created things giving them the place that rightly belongs to God, to You, we will not be able to enter the Kingdom of heaven.  The rich are not condemned because they are wealthy rather they are condemned if their permit their riches possess them

Only God saves, only faith in the Son saves.

What about genuine disciples,will they be saved?  Oh yes! Beginning with the Apostles all who heed Your call to authentic discipleship will receive more than mortal understanding can ever hope to comprehend.  But a word of caution.  We may be surprised that those whom we considered of little or no consequence will be given first places in the Kingdom for it to the little ones, the meek and humble of heart, the peacemakers to whom the Kingdom belongs.

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