Saturday, July 5, 2014

Amos 9:11-15, Psalm 85:9-14, Matthew 9:14-17


Amos 9:11-15, Psalm 85:9-14, Matthew 9:14-17

Amos 9:11-15

My Beloved, it was always the plan of God to save all His children through  You His Son beginning with the chosen people of Israel.  He would extend the border of Your mantle over all the earth.  Your saving Blood would draw all mankind through You to the Father.

Right now my Beloved, the world is so terribly divided there is violence in the city and in the country, in the hills and the valleys.  Rivers of blood flow and stain the earth read. Blood is spilled in the name of religion, blood is spilled in the slaughter of innocents ripped from the mother's wombs.  Blood is spilled ad infinitum ad nauseum and Abel's  blood continues to cry out to You for justice.

The world looks desolate and devoid of hope but this is not ture.  There is always a faithful remnant and Your light shines through them and it will once again illumine the world.

May that day come quickly my Lord.

Psalm 85:9-14

How much longer Lord will religion bring violence and death?  How much longer will the people who are called by Your Name live godless lives.  How long will they wallow in sin and debauchery?  You have redeemed the world.  The God Man paid the price of our iniquity.  Where are the fruits of Your redemption?  Why do we go around moaning and groaning as the enemy roams everywhere at will? Where is the peace that You have brought into the world?

But You are God and Your Word is true.  THis is the time of testing and we like gold are being tested in the fire of the faith we profess to have in You.  You are closer to us now than ever and in the end the triumph You won for us on the Cross will envelope the world.

We wait in patiently in hope my Lord!

Matthew 9:14-17

My Beloved, the work of the Spirit is amazing.  I thank You for the Church that preserves all You have taught and which has been preserved and handed down faithfully by the Apostles and their successors.  Today, we come to the Church to understand what You meant when You said something that has been recorded in Sacred Scripture. 

You are the Bridegroom of the Church.  We live in exile since You went to prepare a place for us but You have not abandoned Your Bride.  You have sent Your Holy Spirit to remain in her and to help her keep the memory of You and all You taught and did alive and new.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit to sanctify Your Church.  

We receive Your strength at Eucharist when You become present to us and one with us.  The old law has no power over us for we are under the New Law of Love in the New Covenant where sublime love for God first and then for one another prompts everything we say and do.

You are the New Wine poured into our mortal bodies and You make of us a new creation in You.  We wait with joyful hope for your coming my Beloved.  Hurry do not delay.  MARANATHA! LORD JESUS! MARANATHA!

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